Books of Yojijukugo (With Eng. Translations)?

I’ve looked through the WaniKani community and I’m “almost” positive this isn’t a double post. I’ve googled books of Yojijukugo, specifically with English translations and I can’t seem to find any. It looks like there may be a “manga” based one, but nothing of a more academic, or even tasteful, nature.

Has anyone got/does anyone know where I could find a book of yojijukugo? I’m a fan of idioms and thought this would be another great external way of learning Kanji. Naturally, having a four word phrase run together would be a good way of learning OnYomi and context of each word.


Does it have to be a book? A site like sanabo often has English translations on the yojijukugo entries. That being said, I’ve seen Japanese yojiukugo books with English in them. I don’t own any myself, though.


Do you really need a book when you have a Leebo ._.


I will save Leebo. That’s pretty good!

I mostly wanted a book for offline study and because it would also be quite nice in general.
I’m talking A E S T H E T I C.

Begs the question, why isn’t there some fancypants book of 四字熟語? Us Westerners would love having that kind of thing displayed on the average bookshelf :joy:


Well, as I said, I don’t have one with English translations, and the ones I’ve seen specifically with yojijukugo and English have been cheap looking. They have been the kind of things sold on discount bookshelves at the convenience store, meant as impulse buys. Not the kind of thing you’d want to put on display.

I do own this yojijukugo dictionary, made by the Kanken people. It’s quite nice, but it has no English content.


Maybe I’ll make one.


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