When I’m doing reviews I will often come across a related character that will want to checkout. Either because it just needs a bit more attention or its one I’d pick to practice writing. Clicking it opens it in a new tab… which I usually forget about and ends up getting closed.

So a bookmark feature would be great for this. Is there a script that does this or could this feature be added?


Yes, while that new tab is open, type Ctrl-D.


Yes, just use the normal browser functions would solve this one.

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Or instead of clicking the character to open a new tab, simply right click and bookmark it on the spot!
Edit: Or do what I do and drag it to a folder on the bookmarks bar, if that’s something you use.

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I usually open up a new tab, promise myself I’ll come back to it, and then never do.

Don’t ask me how many tabs I have open. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, I think the browsers bookmarking will do the job but it would be nice to have something in the app. We can bookmark posts in the board!

Maybe you can develop that user script yourself?


Aah, a person after my own heart. :smiley:

I have a browser plug-in that restores all my windows and tabs and saves sessions. My last count was 3-digits. :joy:

In my own defense, i grew up on dialup where you opened links in the background and let them load then went to check on them later.


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