RFE: Add item to list

I’m unsure if this has been requested before, but I thought it wise to capture the thought before I forget.

I’d seriously appreciate the ability to add subjects to user-defined lists during my review sessions.

The item that triggered the thought today was ()く, which I’d like to research later. The Wanikani provided definition doesn’t match any of my dictionary definitions but seems oddly fitting to me, regardless (despite my missed review). It would be wonderful if I could just click a button and add it to an existing list, or create a new list with a name of my choosing. I could then review these personal lists later.

This is useful enough to me that I might eventually write a userscript for the purpose, but knowing the lag between my desires and my actions I thought I’d mention it here first.

I realize that there is no such thing as a free lunch: adding such a feature also implies a minimal subset of other features:

  • Browse and display existing lists (sorting options are also probably mandatory)
  • Delete items from a list view
  • Delete entire lists
  • Add items from multiple locations (lessons, reviews, radicals, kanji, and vocabulary pages at least)

Still, I think it would be a sufficiently valuable aid to my learning that I thought I’d mention it.

I think my desire for the feature was also triggered by a similar feature in the Yomiwa dictionary app for iOS. I’ve recently been using it to create a concordance of sorts for 大工(だいく)専用後(せんようご).

Thanks for reading!


Fits somewhat, if you feel like some features are missing, I can try adding them



Thanks. Sorry, I lost track of all the great scripts you’ve written recently.

That’s basically a single list version of what I’m asking for. I’d like to have separate “bookmarks” for, say, “research,” “daiku,” “favorites,” etc.

I’ll move any further commentary to that thread and leave this as a prompt to WK to monitor to the popularity of your script.