Bleach for your eyes! Change the new forums style

Do you hate white? Are your eyes bleeding due to too much brightness in the new forums? If you are an angry person that avoids people, kicks puppies, enjoys the silence and likes darkness just like me, you’re in luck today!

Here’s a way you can change the forums style:

First you need the Stylish extension

Chrome: Stylish - Custom themes for any website - Chrome Web Store
Firefox: Stylish - Custom themes for any website – Consigue esta extensión para 🦊 Firefox (es)

Now you go to Stylish website and search for discourse themes:

Choose one of your taste, we chose one of the dark ones of course.

Click on “Install with Stylish”

Now go to the extension settings page. I don’t know if it’s the same procedure in Firefox but in Chrome you should have a “S” button next to the address bar, click it and then click on “Manage styles”, then click on “Edit” for the theme you just installed:

At the bottom it lists the websites the style will be applied to, click on “Add”

And add good old Finally click on “Save”

And that’s it, now you can go listen to emo metal music while enjoying your brand new dark forums

It may not be perfect but it looks way better for me. At least while Koichi and co. figure out how personalization works.


Awesome! Looks great. My eyes thank you for the reminder this was a thing.

Can’t seem to get it to work. It says installed and active. But I prefer a pale grey background, not really into very dark ones with white writing. White should be banned though. I’m using Flux to tame it a bit. Also using Change Colours.

Got it! :sunglasses:

ooh, useful, thank you! :slight_smile:

Very good idea. I’m using the Manjaro forum style now. Nice green and orange.

Hadn’t noticed, because I keep my screen brightness pretty low–for me, it appears light gray, which is just fine.

Looking good for the most part.

Some of the text seems to be a bit too dark with the “Discourse Dark Theme” though.

nice!!! dark and edgy~~~

Uh oh…

Oh thank the gods. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the tweaks! I always hate it when sites are default black text on white background, it hurts the eyes after just a few minutes of browsing.


Didn’t you pick up Tenderwaffles’ Stylish that was the original WK grey?

But I don’t get Spanish!.. Sigh, not my day it seems…

Seriously, tho, I can’t seem to make it work. I installed it, edited, but there are no changes. Like, it doesn’t connects the site with the style or something. I have other styles that work fine. Darn.

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Remember to add the site on the bottom (click add) and save it. Then it worked for me.

The only thing is, the Dashboard on top isn’t displaying correctly now. I did add a second userscript to add the number or reviews and time of next review though. I’ll try disabling that and seeing how the style works then.

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Back. I just activated it again and it works. The top is still bleachy though! But it’s better than the whole screen blinding me. :slight_smile:

I dunno. I’m on an iPhone, don’t think I can customize anything, and don’t remember having done so…

Basically, though, my brightness is usually set so that even white appears light gray.

Nah, I did it, checked now. Hmm. Tried to turn off all styles and tampermonkey, then run it. Nope, it just doesn’t show up as a style option on the forum page, even though I did install it. Sigh, welp, life’s life. Thanks, though.


Yeah, I don’t have anything special set up on my phone either but I do keep the brightness way down - mostly because I read ebooks on it and sometimes the forums in my bed at night.

I’m sure you did this, but you clicked on the Stylish icon on your browser to make sure it’s activated? At the click of a button I can go through all installed styles and instantly change them.