Black Jack - manga

Has anyone else read Black Jack? Ages ago I bought first 4 books, but I never got past first few pages.

Few days ago I tried again, and now with the power of Level15, I was able to read fairly well. Rough estimate I’d say I understood 75% of the kanji, and maybe half of the remaining I was able to guess from the context. Biggest problem is that many difficult kanjis have so many strokes and with tiny font it’s quite difficult to really see the details. Many times have to make educated guess on the kanji.

Now read about one and half chapters, will try to get some 5-10 pages every night before sleep.

But in general I was pretty happy how much more I can now understand. Yey WK :slight_smile:


I have all 17 volumes in english, but reading it in Japanese might be a high hurdle at the moment. xD

Well I got the Bamboo Blade set for BD gift, so now I have to read that first. Also more interesting topic since I do kendo myself too.

Reading some on the Bamboo Blade, kanji seems slightly easier than Black Jack although BB seems to use bit more casual slang which makes it slightly harder to read.

Have been reading the Bamboo Blade now, couple pages each night before sleep. So much fun.

And what’s extra fun, when you encounter kanji you just learned in WK. One of them came last night, 自信 (じしん, courage).