Lets read Jujutsu Kaisen together!

Who wants to read Jujutsu Kaisen with me? :blush:

Maybe ✰YOU✰

We can read a chapter a week together and use this thread to help each other out!

now till 14.03.21 1st Chapter
14.03-21.03 2nd Chapter
21.03-28.03 3rd Chapter
28.03- 4.04 4th Chapter
And so on :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Looking forward to this!

I’ve already read it, so I can’t participate exactly but I could help with tricky parts.

One thing to watch out for is Jujutsu Kaisen is actually pretty tricky! I’d put it as solidly intermediate-level. Gege loves to use older and more obscure kanji for things like technique names (of which there are a looooot). Also Gege’s handwriting in the between-chapter pages is very bad so deciphering that takes a whole lot of getting used to. On the plus side though, there’s furigana over 100% of the main text!
I don’t mean that as a discouragement! Just some info to help you find people to read with and scope it out.

One way to try to muster a group together might be to nominate it in one of the general book clubs, I don’t usually participate in those threads so there might be a good place to go to ask around for people to join that I don’t know about, also!


thanks a lot, i will ask around there :blush:

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