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Lol, let me rephrase my question. do you watch sports for fun/entertainment? (Tennis, Football etc.)

Should probably be clear from my previous response that the answer is “no”. :stuck_out_tongue: I used to watch cricket, and tennis when the Australian Open is on, but I don’t really watch either any more. The family are big AFL fans, mind.

Not… entirely sure where the question came from, though.


I was expecting this link to show up :joy:

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I thought you were simply pulling my leg :sweat_smile:

Nice. Steve Waugh and Lleyton Hewitt eras or much later?

I was reading through some sports blogs and was reminded of the upcoming tours/tournaments in December and January. Hence the question.

More like Mark Taylor and Pete Samprass. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sweet. I was going for Hewitt because he was an Aussie. Did you ever watch Australian Open in the arena? Or did you ever see a Boxing Day Test Match? (Considering your previous replies, I am assuming a NO :stuck_out_tongue:) Gilly used to be my fav keeper. I am more of a Federer fan in Tennis :slightly_smiling_face: (I also cried a lot during the 2009 award ceremony :sweat_smile:)

Unfortunately the only Socceroo player I know of is Cahill and I think he retired a couple of years ago.

I apologize if I made you uncomfortable with my out of the blue sports conversation/questions :sweat_smile:


Unfortunately there are no PS4 deals so far. It sucks big time. :cry: My friend got it for $199 last year and prices are jacked up to $400 even for open pieces. And the new PS5 is $500.

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Dang, that sucks. :frowning: Have you tried looking around eBay? I’d imagine people would be trying to sell their old PS4s to afford the PS5.

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I looked it up on Ebay. The prices are too high even for the pre-owned and refurbished ones. I am hoping Best Buy/Amazon/Walmart will come up with a new PS4 deal. Fingers crossed.

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Crossing my fingers for you!

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Hopefully there are some tech deals on Cyber Monday. I am looking to buy new headphones


The deals or more or less same for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Kumirei san :slight_smile: I am not sure if the case is different for local websites in Sweden, If its Amazon it will most likely be the same. Any specific brand in particular?


I was waiting for about 2 months to see if the laptop I wanted got a Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal, but in the end it did not and my father just bought it for me. #blessed

Meaning I’ll be back to being active in the forums as soon as it arrives and just send this one to get repaired. (Faulty screen, gets crazy squiggly lines moving from the bottom up, happens when I use it for the entire day without rest, and sometimes it shuts the screen for a couple of seconds, can plug it to my tv but is scary as F as my studies and freelancing work depend on it)

@TrinityBringer gaming advice is exactly how I do things! No console on its first year and only buy it when you already have at least 2/3 games you want to play in it in your head. What consoles do you own? I know you to be a fellow KH and FF fan. <3 Do you like TWEWY?
One of my computer savvy friends made a script for me that plays de FF fanfare when I level up on the result screen.

@KyokaJiro I also play Pokémon Go but really abandoned it for Harry Potter Wizards Unite a while back. I play Wizards Unite daily since the launch. Lv 41 Magizoologist. Genshin Impact is my “play before sleep game” at the moment but again, is just a couple of minutes at most a day, T-T I did get a couple of the 5* characters tho!
I was able to get my PS4 for cheap a couple of years back, bought it used from a close friend who was upgrading to the PS4 Pro.

I live for JRPGS! Before the semester got hectic I finished Xenoblade Chronicles on the Switch and started FF12 Zodiac Age as it’s my younger sister’s favorite. It’s been great to feel closer to her while she shares her knowledge of it with me. For the same reason, when the semester ends, we will be playing FF14 together! I’m super excited.

I play so many JRPGS that sometimes I can’t finish the ones I get and buy but I hope I get to play them eventually… I’ve been on the same place for 2 years on FFXV … And need to finish the KH3 DLC but I’m upset with the franchise at the moment and waiting for a friend to lend me MOM but again, don’t know where I’ll get the time for it!
Then there’s FF7, Persona 5 Royal and the Nonary Games, The Witcher…
I have too many games, and not enough time :frowning:

Sorry for this mess of a post. This is the first time this week I’m typing something that is not homework.

How is everyone?


We never did Black Friday here until recently, but Cyber Monday has been a thing for a long time, so I think that’s when our tech is going to be on sale at least. Looking into getting the Sony WH-1000XM4


Quite a few! :sweat_smile:

My consoles

Nintendo Wii
Gameboy Advance SP
Nintendo DS
Nintendo 3DS
New Nintendo 2DS XL
Nintendo Wii U
Nintendo Switch
XBOX 360
I might be missing something, but I’m pretty sure that’s all of them… The PS2 is also busted, but I want to repair it!

Heck yeah! I find the controls to be incredibly finicky and slightly unpleasant, but I do love the game! Excited for the sequel!

That sounds awesome!! :laughing:

Same here, but I’ve been ranting about how disappointed KH3 left me for so long now that I’m just quietly ignoring it. :joy: MOM is great, though! Honestly most fun I’ve had with a KH game since BBS…


Sweet :slight_smile:


I recently reached L40 after pause and play over the years :stuck_out_tongue:

I take breaks in between because the grind gets a little overbearing. I am an Auror. level is between 25-30.

I am not getting a god deal for PS4 atm. I don’t wanna get an XBOX or PS5 since your advice/games logic matches mine. The one time I want to buy a console, Sony goes hard on me :joy: Still waiting. Hopefully one of the good deals will show up before end of the year.

Awesome :smiley: I took a short break of 2 years from FF14 :stuck_out_tongue: I used to play in the European server because of a few acquaintances. I am an Aura (though I was truly tempted to be a Lala :wink: ) I need to go back and finish my main quest :sweat_smile:

No worries. This is the exact intention behind this thread. :slight_smile: You can discuss any and all sorts of good stuff without a rhyme or rhythm :grin: Anything that makes your heart go BIRIBIRI :stuck_out_tongue:

I was in a bit of slump due to personal circumstances. It was a grudging 2 weeks for me. Things are looking better. I feel like I am getting back into my groove.

What about you Panda san :slight_smile: ?

Sweet. Almost all the reviews/lists I look at suggest Sony WH-1000XM4 as the first option. :slight_smile:

I am tempted to get one for myself :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think you owe your parents a whole lot of gratitude Trinity san :joy:

I admire that list and your dedication :clap: We could do a biweekly run of experiences with one gaming system :wink:


True to a certain extent! :joy: I’ve accumulated these consoles over a very long period of time through a bunch of different ways, including hand-me-downs, sales, etc. I got my original Nintendo DS because I know someone who knew someone who knew someone who didn’t want theirs anymore, for example! :laughing: So no way did I make my parents buy all that, haha!

Sounds awesome! I’m totally down for any excuse to talk about video games and consoles!


Bookmarked and reminder is set. I will send you the 3 questions at least 3 days in advance and we can riff off of that :slight_smile:

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