BIG Accomplishment! LEVEL 10!

I finally did it. I made it to level 10. WOO! So excited. Planning on starting Grammar once I have a little more time, probably when I finish school this December. Already own Genki I, Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar, All About Particles, and Jazz Up Your Japanese with Onomatopoeia. Let’s GOOOOOO!


Yooo, congrats bro! I’m almost there, but my goodness have the last couple levels been a slog to get through. I am definitely noticing more words in watching anime / vtubers that I recognize, which is helping me stay motivated. Keep up the good work, and I hope that we can both stay the course and hit 60!




Nice, best of luck :crossed_fingers:
Btw not sure if you read congratulations mails from WK, they are also super motivating and in lvl 10 mail they encourage to pick up grammar.

I pirated Genki I

but bought Genki II paperback to not to feel guilty


Sounds like you’ll be ready for the Absolute Beginner Book Club come February 2021 2022 =D

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We’ve escaped from 2020 already. Come join us in the future. :stuck_out_tongue:


My time machine failed =(


Oh, I definitely do! I LOVE their level up emails!

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What level would you recommend I be at, and where in Genki I/II, for me to start that group?

It depends in part on how well Genki works for you as a learning tool.

If you’ve able to get through it comfortably, then by the end of Genki I will get you enough background to be able to greatly flounder and struggle your way through your first book or manga in the ABBC.

On the other hand, if you make it to the end of Genki II before joining the ABBC, you’ll have enough background to be able to fairly flounder and struggle your way through your first.

I’d say when you get to the point where you feel are are within six months of finishing Genki II, check into what the ABBC’s schedule at the time is. Often a book or manga takes two to four months to read at the club’s pace. That gives you time to get in on the next book or manga at the beginning (even if you haven’t finished Genki II yet).

Note that if the next ABBC pick (at the time) looks 100% uninteresting to you, it might be better to pick a previously-read book or manga, and go through instead. (You can still read old discussion threads and ask questions.)

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Awesome, thank you! I’m also considering, once I get a bunch of grammar down, to subscribe to box of manga with the beginner setting, so I can see how that goes. I really love that idea!

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My one word of warning is that no matter what series you begin with, the first manga is always going to be the most difficult thing ever to read.

Don’t let it discourage you!

If you feel you’ve bought a bunch of manga and you’re completely lost at making any progress in any of them, and you’re not certain how to move forward, don’t hesitate to lean on the WK community for a push in the right direction.

(Just don’t be like me, buying manga in the late 1990’s and not being able to finally read them until last year!)

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Don’t worry, I haven’t done that! I’m being a realist. I don’t want to buy a bunch of Japanese books right now. There’s a possibility, as for everything in life, that I could tire of Japanese and give up. What a waste of money that would be then! I don’t think that will happen, and I of course hope not, but anything is possible. Wiser to wait until I’m able to begin and THEN start buying! :wink:

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I think it’s never too early to dip your toe in the water with grammar, reading, or listening. If you already have Genki, it might be helpful to try the first chapter when you have a pocket of free time. Grammar is a lot to absorb, but if you bounce off of it, you can always come back later. Let things mentally set in, and give it another try. Genki got easier every time I picked it back up. 頑張ります!


Well Done You! I was sooooooo pleased when I finally got to level 10, the feeling was so good, I even put a sticker on my computer to mark the occasion! Good luck with your studies.

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Congrats!! :tada: :confetti_ball: Just got there myself a couple of days ago, such a great feeling and huge accomplishment!

Best of luck with you grammar studies!

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Congratulations! I’m still a ways away… I have to keep it at 5 to 10(max) lessons a day or else I really feel like whatever I just learnt flies over my head…

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