Best way to learn vocabulary for kanji you know?

So I’m aware wanikani only teaches vocab to reinforce the kanji you learn, which means a lot of potentially important vocab is left in the dark. Yes, I could go to jisho, go look up the kanji I know one by one, pick out the vocab I think is important, and make anki cards on them, but that’s a bit inefficient in my opinion. Is there a better way to go about learning vocab for kanji I know?

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Here’s a big Anki deck that’s roughly ordered like the Kanji on WaniKani.


Personally, I like reading, especially things written in a conversational style, since this type of stuff sometimes has more commonly used words…

Thanks, this looks great :slight_smile:

Yeah I do 20 words a day on an Anki deck like the one heiopei linked. Its just ordered so that I’m learning words that use kanji I already know.

Apart from that, Im playing a visual novel and I read Yotsubato from time to time to get other useful/more slangy words. If you are going to use a visual novel, I would recommend setting up an ITH and translation aggregator so you can easily look up the definitions of words you dont know.

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