What materials for N4?

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Up until now, I was following a language course online but for several reasons, I can’t take up this class anymore. However, I still want to learn Japanese by myself, it’s a very fun language to learn and I want to be proficient in a 3rd language (English is my second language). I’m also planning on taking the JLPT N4 this December.

So I’m looking for some recommendations in materials I could use to prepare for the N4.
Here’s a rundown of what I’m currently using:

  • For Kanji only, I’m using WaniKani (how surprising :sweat_smile:) and the app Kanji! (for more specific N5 & N4 Kanji). I’m also having fun with J-Crosswords.
  • For grammar, I’m still using the Minna no Nihongo books I was already following in class (I have both volumes, the first having been completed with the class, as well as the grammar/translation books), the Sou Matome N4 grammar book, and I’ve discover the app Bunpo recently, which I like a lot. I also tried Renshuu, but it doesn’t work for me.
  • I use Memrise for listening and some speaking practice, and the usual Anime and Japanese songs (anisongs and J-Rock mostly) to keep on hearing Japanese.
  • I sometime go on Matcha to read some articles, or check the few mangas I managed to get in Japanese for some reading practice, but I’m not regular in reading them.

Is there any more apps I could check out? I’d like to do some mock JLPT tests more specifically, to have some idea on how it will be on the day of the test, but I can’t figure out what apps are good for that.

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I don’t know about specific apps for JLPT, but I use Kitsun for vocabulary - you didn’t mention what you’re using for the past, but you may be using Memrise.

For me, I figured the SRS system worked with WK so I also joined Kitsun and Bunpro. I haven’t sat a JLPT yet but am signed up for N3 in December.

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Hey! I’m also taking the N4 this December!

I’m pretty much doing the same as you with the Sou Matome, Minna, and Wanikani. (I did try Bunpro and Renshuu, but they don’t work for me.)

For the mock JLPT you can either buy the JLPT official mock test books, or just go on youtube and type JLPT n4 mock test. There are A LOT of mock test videos, it’s just a matter of finding one that suits your style.

As for apps… idk, it’s tricky. Either the contents are behind paywalls, or full of ads (if on mobile.) Can’t really help there, sorry.

Some extra things I’ll be doing to prepare are:

  • Vocabulary:
    **Using Anki. (I’m using one that covers the minna no nihongo vocab up to chapter 50)
    **Studying the N5 and N4 単語 books.

  • Grammar/listening:
    **The Minna exercise books
    **The two So-Matome N4 books
    **The four Shin Kanzen Master N4 books

  • Reading Comprehension
    **No, but seriously, that one’s difficult, but besides the grammar/listening books, I’ll just join book clubs here on Wanikani and find random children books online which are on the public domain so I can read them in Japanese and English without going bankrupt.

Here the book collection which I hope I can get through before the actual test hehehe (I’m kind of lazy and forget that buying books is not the same as actually studying them :see_no_evil:)

Anyway, best of luck on the exam!


Thanks for your help! I didn’t think WK would work with me either since I’m not too into Mnemonic, but I have been enjoying it a lot, and I find Memrise and WK pretty great with the SRS system, so I’ll take a look at Kintsun, it might work for me as well.

Good luck on N3 :muscle:t3:

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Many thanks for your help!

I didn’t think about Youtube, even though there’s about everything on it. I’ll take a look at it and see if I can find something that helps me.
I usually don’t mind paying for apps, but I prefer subscriptions, to see if an app is good or not (and to cancel when it’s not useful anymore), but the ones I found so far are a one time payment, so that’s why I’m kinda of hesitating. I’ll check what youtube has to offer and go from there.

I don’t have enough time to dedicate to reading only (even though I do study between 1 to 3 hours a day, depending on the day), so joining a book club is not all that possible for me at the moment, but I’ll keep that in mind for later.

I had the same issue with the books :sweat_smile:. I think I’ve had the Sou Matome and Minna No Nihongo books for about a year before really starting to study them. Taking the classes gave me a huge boost, and even if I can’t follow them anymore, I’m still really motivated and keep some time to myself for studying. I should actually had the Shin Kanzen Master to my collection :see_no_evil:

Best of luck for the exam as well!

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If you are the kind of person who needs guidance while studying the books, like me, then try Nihon Goal on youtube. That channel is the only reason why I know what’s going on on the Minna no Nihongo books.


There’s also a really cool guide for Minna which explains the topics in written form instead of with video (I use it along with NihonGoal)


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