Best font for kanji?

I don’t want to randomise fonts, but I want to change WK’s kanji font to something more “standard”. What fonts for kanji are good and make them look the most “common”?

There isn’t a “standard.” But if you mean what will appear most often in books and newspapers, a Mincho font seems like the best bet. If you mean for reading on the computer you’ll see fonts very similar to what WK uses.


I have been a fan of Noto Sans for a while. It’s very comfortable to read while studying.

3 Likes shows only 2 fonts for Kanji. One seen by default, the other one seen on mouse over. To demonstrate the second font, in Google Spreadsheet, it seems to be Times New Roman.

How do you see this kanji?

by the way depending mincho style or gothic~ it have 2 variant so far~ this is japanese font (not chinese)

Actually, there is a third font, due to Han Unification. I don’t know how to demonstrate this one, but there is big issue for this one on Android. This and this examples are also seen due to Han unification.

How do you see this kanji?

So, you have to remember all 3.

BTW, in AnkiDroid, I use Hiragino Sans for reading, and YuKyokasho for handwriting.

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+1 for Noto Sans CJK JP


What is the best Mincho font? Same as Serif?

Google Fonts?

I haven’t personally compared serif fonts.

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