Best approach to memorise the iru/eru godan verbs

I found a < List > of godan verbs wich end with iru/eru

I’m exluding the 2 special verbs


  1. Does not end with ru.
  2. Does end with a/u/o + ru


  1. Does end with i/e ru *

*Some are still godan

So if I learn the list of ~100 verbs. I should be prepared for all conjugations.

But how should I construct my anki cards ?

I don’t think you should learn them separately from other words. You’ll learn whether a word is ichidan or godan as you encounter it, no need to make it into big deal.


Like @Kumirei said, no need to make it into a big deal. I was reading a novel recently and found the word まじって and had no idea what the hell it was (since it was in hiragana and all). When I realized it was just 混じる, I instantly learned that it’s a godan verb, with close to no active effort from my part.

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