Best Anki Japanese Decks?

Hey all, there may be an older thread on this, but I couldn’t really find one, so I’ll go ahead ask here.

I recently began using Anki as well as WaniKai (which is pretty clear, based on my level.) and I’ve heard a lot of talk, especially on the WaniKani community page and Learn Japanese Subreddit, about how Anki is supposedly the “holy grail” of SRS applications out there and a great resource for reviewing/studying Japanese. Are there any Anki Japanese decks that I should, without a doubt, add to my collection? Or, for that matter, what do you think are the best Anki decks for Japanese, and why?



I really like the japanesetest4you deck. It’s grammar focused but almost every card is a complete sentence so you’re passively learning vocab at the same time. It’s broken up by level so you can choose to study only what’s relevant to you.


I am bad at Japanese grammar and complete sentences, but I am a vocab guy, and I love WaniKani, so I’d recommend Core 10k WK breakdown, which is core 10k by WaniKani levels.

You can manipulate this deck to show the sentences / listen to the sentences / quiz the sentences, too.

In the end, Anki skills depend on deck/card type manipulation skills, IMO. If you can get to that point, I think it is better than Memrise.

Also, please see below, in Anki section.

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In reality I don’t think Anki is the “holy grail” as much as it’s as it’s a “Swiss Army knife” for SRS based study. You’ll get the most mileage from it when you tailor everything to your specific needs. There are other tools, like Memrise and Houhou that can also do this, but Anki is probably the most flexible and popular of the bunch.

The “Core” series in particular is a well rounded set to start with. It’s got audio, images, and sample sentences, but I definitely think the template needs to be edited to get the most out of it. Some people also like to duplicate and modify the decks for E->J or J->E on top that, so your mileage may vary. While most of these prebuilt decks are convenient, I think the best decks are the ones we make for ourselves.

Some people also use Anki for grammar. I don’t really know how to effectively do that, though.

That is the hard, but essential, part of Anki.

For how to make a deck, I recommend either creating via your own spreadsheet, or via a premade database. I scrapped many databases from Shared Decks.


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