"Benedict Cumberbatch" in Japanese

Did you ever want to translate Benedict Cumberbatch’s name into Japanese? This tweet proposes 威川良文 (たけかわよしふみ, Yoshifumi Takekawa):

Further explanation here. Seems like a fun game to play with other non-Japanese names…


I still prefer the real ベネディクト・カンバーバッチ.

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I think rather than literally translating the different components of his name it’d be more fun to find a Japanese name that’s as much of a ridiculously pretentious uncommon mouthful as “Benedict Cumberbatch.” What is the cultural equivalent of Benedict Cumberbatch lol


Well, there’s 竜ヶ峰りゅうがみね帝人みかど, the main character of Durarara. He hates the name - his online handle is 田中太郎 = basically “John Smith”.


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