Beelinguapp - reading and listening app for Android (and apparently also iOS)

I haven’t seen this app mentioned anywhere, and it seems pretty cool. It has a selection of stories / non-fiction articles which are ranked by difficulty, and you can view them in two languages at once, with the option to hide one (it’s supposed to be for your native language, but I usually use French as the secondary language so I can practise that too). The whole thing is read by a native speaker with the text highlighted as they speak, and you can play it sentence by sentence (if you have above a certain version of Android, you can also change the speed). The speakers sound like normal people to me, rather than like people who record stuff for a living (which may be a good or bad thing). They have a subscription model, but there are also some stories you can get for free, and you can preview the first page of the paid ones afaik. There’s no built in dictionary or furigana, but there’s a “glossary” that you can add words to.

Has anyone used it and found mistakes or problems, or recommend it? It seems worth a shot :smiley: They’ve added a lot more stories since I first used it, too.


It’s available on iOS as well ^^


I’m downloading it now to give it a try! Looks really cool :0

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The one I tried listening to was a computer voice reading Japanese out loud, which wasn’t really that great. :thinking:

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