(Back up) Floflo.moe - A WK-friendly website for reading

Thanks! No rush.

I think you’ve accidentally changed something in the reviews pane: the text on the ‘meaning’ bar is now white there as well as on the reading bar, so it’s hard to read.

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Thanks. I turned it back (I think :sweat_smile:).

Also PSA to everyone, adding kanji is broken atm. I’ll try and fix that and the word editing thing by tonight.



  • New kanji not being created properly is fixed
  • Can no longer spam the server with autofill requests
  • You can now edit the kanji portion of an existing word (click the kanji) @Radish8

:rofl: is that a thing that happened?

Probably just Koichi attempting to sabotage his greatest competitor yet :thinking:


All great ideas!

Or, the easiest of all, the にゃんにゃん探偵団 reading group, which starts on July 1st!


Don’t suppose there’s a plan to add vacation mode at any point? I’m going away this weekend so it’s too late for me anyway, but it did at least remind me to ask :stuck_out_tongue:

Also just wanted to check re: the longer SRS intervals - do you shave an hour of off each one like WK does? And are the first two 4 and 12 hours?

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Hi and thanks for this great site!

I currently only use it lightly for Kiki so that I don’t forget any new words from it (hopefully). Maybe it will help me with the catching-up I have to do too - I should have already finished the whole novel by now :sweat_smile:


cue joke about vacation mode being an evil scheme to milk you out of your money


After using floflo for a while, there is still two design choices I don’t understand… Maybe my workflow is not adapted, maybe more toggles are needed ? :smiley:

  1. Lesson stage
    IHMO, WK system is perfect . Lesson stage is a playground area where wrong answers don’t matter. Once an item have been answered correctly for reading and meaning, then the item enter the queue. But In floflo, when you want to push an item to the queue, you MUST get it correctly right from the start. Even a single mistake and the item won’t be pushed, it will stay in lesson ! Meaning that it take me a really long time to push new word into the queue, I have to try over and over until I finally manage to get every remaining item correct without mistake… But isn’t this drilling the job of the SRS system ? I would like to be able to push item into the queue easily, like WK, even if it mean failing a few time during the first reviews.

  2. Auto-leech system
    I don’t understand the details, but currently getting an item wrong a few time get it automatically kicked out of the queue and back to lesson. This is really obnoxious to me. If I push a word into the queue, it’s because I want to freaking learn it !! Even if I get it wrong a few time first, I still want to learn it ! If I notice this item is becoming a leech, having an option to manually it from the queue is great, but silently doing it is not. I can’t count the number of time where I lost track of a word that I thought I was learning, just to realized it jumped back to lesson.

How are other people dealing with those points ? I don’t see any complain, so I wonder if use floflo right. Maybe you are extensively studying each word before even attempting to push them into the queue so you make very few mistake overall ?

I haven’t had any leeches yet, I don’t think, so can’t answer to (2), but I’m not sure what you dislike about (1)?

It doesn’t work quite like WK, because you have to go back into the lesson tab and re-queue any items you got wrong, but it’s otherwise the same in that you have to get the item right before it enters your review queue? Like, in both systems the item stays in your ‘lessons’ pool until you get it right in the quiz.

So for me it feels pretty similar, but with the advantage that if I get the item wrong I get to go back to the lesson tab and, if I feel I need to, there’s an opportunity to review the item and check out Jisho and so on before I have another crack at it. I suppose you do have to get both parts correct in one go, which is a little more strict than WK, but you can just queue it all on its own if you get it wrong the first time.

How many items are you queuing at once? I just do them in batches of five and any that I get wrong make up part of the next batch of five until I’ve done as many as I want.


Hmm ok, so the answer seems to be “git gud noob” :sweat_smile:
Somehow I’m thick as a brick when it come to learn japanese vocabulary… I basically have to fail a word more than ten times to start recalling it somewhat correctly, then 10 times more to finally memorize it enough for the word to start progressing nicely in SRS level. I guess I should try to spend more time beforehand, jisho, try to use the new words in sentence and so on.

Haha, not at all! I just wasn’t sure why you disliked the FloFlo system so much more than WK, since they seem similar to me. If you tend to get it wrong multiple times in the lesson quiz I can see that it would be frustrating to have to constantly queue it up again.

I do think studying them more closely beforehand and only queuing up a few at a time could help though; if you get it wrong ten times before you ever get it right then I imagine you’re almost cementing an incorrect answer in your brain rather than the correct one.


I usually have the opposite experience, where if I can’t get a lesson right the first time I can never get it right. I made the system that way so that you could send troublesome words back to the lessons queue and study it some more or make some mnemonics before it got sent into the SRS.

Anyway, maybe we could solve the problem with unlimited undos during lessons. I think it’s a good compromise because it would keep the current system of kicking out wrong items while allowing users to have a more Wanikani-style experience if they want. Do you think that would solve your problem?

Yeah I’ll try to add vacation mode to the list. In the meantime you can just @ me when you get back from your trip. I’ll just manually delay all your reviews by however many days you were gone. Have fun :wink:


…thank you so much!

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I guess everyone’s learning preference is different.
I don’t mind the lessons being pushed back (but I really don’t like the lessons screen by the way, it’s literally unusable for me… so yeah, I just add stuff to queue and fail them to have a readable screen :sweat_smile:)

I really like the idea of how the leeches are dealt with, though. If something becomes a leech, I feel I should indeed spend more preparation time on it rather than just relying on the SRS. The SRS method isn’t the end all be all of language learning…
So, yeah, maybe an extra toggle here would be nice (auto leech handling on/ask if should push back to lesson/off)

Wait what? Can you expand on this a little?

Well, I don’t know if it’s because of my web browser, but all definitions get on the same line (one after the other) and I can only see the first 30 or 40 characters.
The word list is dealing much better with multiple definitions but still ellipse after a couple lines. Review is the only place where I get the full thing.

Edit: looking at your gif from a few days (?) ago, it seems to not be the case for you.
Now that I am on my computer, here’s what I mean:
Lesson screen, the worst offender:

Word list, not too bad, but not great:

Click and hold an item

For the eclipsed definitions on vocabulary lists you can click the dots and it’ll expand.

Do those solve your problems?

I don’t know if this is just an issue telegraphing (like, no knowing the features were there to begin with) or if it goes deeper than that. Like, I usually only learn the first definition for a word so the super-condensed definitions (on the lessons screen and otherwise) have never been an issue for me. Do you approach it differently?

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That used to clear the checkmarks (that is items I already said I wanted to my queue). Is that no longer the case?

And, yeah, the first definition is definitely not enough for me. I want to get a deep understanding of what the word mean. If there’s more than one def, it means that there’s no clear 1 to 1 match with English. In that case, I will first check the Japanese dictionary, form some kind of opinion of what the word should be translated as, then add to the queue. However, due to the ellipsis, I don’t know if what I came up with is valid or not. (I may even have misunderstood what I read). During the lesson review session, if it comes as wrong, I’ll read what’s really in there and decide to either change my internal definition or add it to the list.

If the edit screen no longer resets the selection, it would indeed be a game changer for me :smile:

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