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I have pretty much stopped learning frequency 1 words at this point. I found that if I was trying to read with full comprehension, I’d have the dictionary open anyway, so it just doesn’t make sense to pre-learn those words anymore.

Anyway, I’ll have SAO II up in a few days. I still feel like there aren’t enough people who’ve finished books to warrant starting votes on sequels yet so I’ll just put them up as needed.


How do you keep track of that, by the way?
I have read five “books” available on floflo, but I don’t think it’s very visible.

The list
  • Red nightmares
  • Maou
  • Obaasan to kuro neko
  • Noragami
  • Snow White
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I don’t. I just fudge the numbers based on the fact that it takes about 1-1.5 months for most people to get through their first novel with decent comprehension. Floflo’s been out for like, what? Two and a half months?


The Beginner Book Club read 魔女の宅急便 in 5 months, and at the level I was at there’s no way I could have read it in less than 4 months.

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Wow, that’s dedication…

You might not need this one for a while if you’re planning to do themed polls in August, but the trailer for the film based on this book makes it look so wonderfully bizarre that I just have to suggest it for the future:

Wow that trailer was pretty swaggin. Yeah sure, I’ll put it up.


Update 7/22
Sorry, was kind of dead this week. Also tried working on too many things at once.

  • SRS now tracks information about number of reviews, etc.
  • Lessons - Data Panel: shows info about number of new words learned, number of reviews, etc. You should be able to get derive a decent chunk of information from it such as recent accuracy, avg words learned per day, etc.
  • Information shows the last seven days. Tell me if the panel is in an annoying position or something.
  • Cut down initial page load time by like 20%

Unrelatedly, my Flowers walkthrough is bringing in a hilarious number of people.


That sounds great!
I’m not sure how to access the data panel though. Do I need to do some new reviews first?

Edit: okay, yeah, you do. Makes sense.

Yeah, review anything. It doesn’t show if you have no data to help reduce clutter for first-time users.

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That is like me and freq 0 words. I feel like at that point I might as well just read the dictionary.


@Raionus In the off chance that I ever feel like transcribing* an entire manga volume (:scream:), what format should I put it in so you could run it through your parser and put it on Floflo?

* I’m not sure if transcribing is the right word. I literally mean copying word for word.

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A .txt file is fine

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With just the words, no readings, right?

Yeah, just the words

This is probably not the most important thing to fix, but the statistics don’t seem to be working correctly. It’s not showing anything after the first 7 reviews I did yesterday:

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That’s unfortunate. The data is saved as a cookie and is kept 100% local so a few things I’m thinking of off the top of my head:

  1. Did you do the reviews on a different device or browser?
  2. Did you do it on incognito or private mode or something similar?

I think those would be the two most likely causes. If not I’ll take a look when I wake up tomorrow

Nope, same browser and computer each time, not in incognito. Weirdly enough, the statistics stopped working after I used the wrap up feature, then they didn’t work while I did reviews without it, but they seem to work again now after I used it again.

Edit: It stopped working again after I did another set of reviews

Second edit: Only reviews done while wrap up is on seem to be shown in the statistics for me

I checked it for a while but wasn’t able to reproduce it on either chrome or firefox. I added in an update that might catch some edge-cases so maybe that will help (or maybe it’ll just break something).

Anyway, if you keep getting the issue then two additional things come to mind.

  1. You might be using an old version of the cookie that was up for like 5 minutes before I made some changes. I added something that should catch this so if this is the case, you’ll get an alert.
  2. It might be a browser-specific issue. What are you using?

It seems to work now.

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