Back to 1800+ reviews after a ~9 month break

I haven’t been here since around April last year, so when I came back everything I’d ever learned was up for review. I’m down to ~1360 reviews now, hoping to get that down to 0 within a week or two. I’m too stubborn to reset, even though my reviews often look like this:

I’m mostly posting this to help motivate myself to keep going, especially as more of those items that dropped down to apprentice return. It’s been interesting to see what I do and don’t remember, and I’m definitely better at remembering vocabulary than kanji, which I suppose makes sense.

Before taking that (mostly unintentional) break, I hadn’t burned any items, so it’s been exciting getting my first burns with these reviews. I feel kind of iffy on some of them, but I don’t want to resurrect them to apprentice 1, so I’ll probably check out the self study script once I’m caught up.


Welcome back from your unintentional break! :slight_smile: And nice to meet ya! I am sure your % will increase as you get back into the swing of things. Good luck busting through that review pile :mechanical_arm:


you can burn a once burned item again in that card’s options. can resurrect anytime, and dispose of it again if it turns out restarting it was not necessary.


It’s great you are back to WK!

Went through the same just recently, with 2150 pending reviews. Just keep it going and it will be alright. Nice surprises with burning some items after all this break are just around the corner!


1800 isn’t as bad as you think, and 50% is pretty good for 9 months off. Just keep chipping away at it


Thanks for all the encouragement! I’m down to 830 reviews now with over 300 burned items!

Edit: Made it! My accuracy was 50-75% throughout, which has left me with a lot of apprentice and guru items. Definitely not doing lessons until I get those numbers down. Doing this all over a few days means that those 352 enlightened items will all come up for review within about 48 hours of each other, but I don’t have to worry about that for a while.


Just came back from an intentional 3 week break and that was hard. Best of luck!


Welcome back! You can do it!


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