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Wow. I haven’t been keeping up with Wanikani (or any japanese study really) for months. At first, I felt bad, but I really couldn’t keep up with two jobs, raising twins and working on my reviews at the same time. Now, I’m trying again.

I actually sent myself a reset email, intending to go back to level 1, but something in the back of my head (possibly me from five months ago) kept telling me not to do it, so here we go. I’ve currently got 920 reviews to plow through, and it’s insane how much of it is still there. 最終 for instance. I didn’t get it, but I still remembered the sun shining into my ear while sitting on a stool, and the thread of winter splitting in two. And then, there are many, many kanji and radicals that are just gone.

So: all in all, I’m glad to be back and so far I think I’m glad that I didn’t reset. I’m mostly scared about the burned ones. I really wish there was a way to practice those again, just to see if they really are burned in to my mind.


Welcome back!!!
With burned items you can go and unburn them individually.


Oh! Nice. Had no clue. That solves that then. :slight_smile: Thanks!


I’m kind of in the same place. Took a few months off thanks to some rl issues, and had just under a thousand reviews too. I’m trying to not cringe at my current ~50% accuracy ratings, and trying to remember that it’s a marathon, not a sprint.


I got stuck around level 25 and reviews started to pile up horribly. At the beginning the idea of resetting felt too bad, but then I did reset to level 9 and I tell you, it feels much better, and I believe that was the right choice.
Everything is more orderly now, and less chaotic, I am going through levels already passed quite easily and it feels good. For burned items I use an app (Flaming durtles, I used to like wanikani speed a lot but that has been discontinued).
So I encourage you to reset to a level you feel comfortable with. Maybe level 4 or 5 instead of one and going through burned items you don’t remember with an abb or unlocking them one by one…

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If you come back after a long pause, resetting to max. 3 levels earlier is enough, everything before that is just fine with the SRS and your memory.

Small correction: it should be こんにちは if you want to greet someone, 今日 = きょう = today.


I just came back after about 8 years off lol. I’ve been back for about a month now and I’ve found that some kanji I knew really well and was on the edge of burning have since fallen all the way back to Apprentice. BUT a LOT of the kanji and vocab is still there! I’ve been excited to find out how much I really do remember, even after all this time. The system works!

What I find that works is keep doing your reviews, and when you come across stuff you don’t remember anymore, quickly review them along with whatever else you are reviewing. For example, I often forget the radicals. So when I come across a kanji with radicals in it I know that I don’t know very well, after doing the review I’ll look at the “more info” section and look into any radicals (or kanji, if the review was a vocab) and freshen my memory. It’s helped a lot and usually by the time I get to a review of that particular radical or kanji, I remember it. I’ve had to do that with some burned items too, but I think you might be surprised how much is still there. And in any case, you and I are still low-level enough that we’re bound to review those burned items many times from now when they’re added into vocab.

OH and limit yourself to 100 reviews a day. When I came back I had 650+ to do daily and it just became overwhelming. The last time I tried to come back a few years ago I tried to do all of those but since they keep coming back the next day it just becomes too much and eventually I gave up. ONLY do 100 (or less) at a time, don’t do any new lessons, and allow things to go to guru or above so that the reviews slow down. It might take a month, but there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s been a month and I’m still here and my reviews have slowed down enough that I think I’m going to be ready to attempt lessons (at a much slower pace) soon. The key will be to keep the number of Apprentice items low! We got this :raised_hands:

I’m in a similar situation as you! I came back after seven years (it looks like my last burned items were 2014, until February this year). It’s weird what has stayed with me. I am back on track now–I hope.

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