Average level up time?

No – both screenshots above were from the same session. Unsure how the session review can show 100% since the running total was 89% previously. I think I only missed one (just a short review session that I aborted midway by clicking the home icon in the upper left).

I haven’t looked at the code, but by observation I can see that the session review waits until BOTH the meaning and reading for each item has been answered before tallying.

In the screenshots above, the summary is 100% because I got both meaning/reading right for 2 out of 2 kanji and 4 out of 4 vocabulary.

I’m fairly certain the discrepancy is because I aborted my session before seeing the corresponding meaning/reading question for the answer(s) I missed. They weren’t counted in the summary but were in the running total because I’d only been questioned on half of the pair.

Without looking at the code, direct observation does appear to agree with my understanding of the session summary vs. running tally (thumbs-up number):

I got 3+7+40 = 50 items correct out of 64 total items (4+11+49). 50/64 = 78.125%.

The session review definitely appears to be counting “items” (where an item is both the reading and the meaning for kanji and vocabulary, or just the name of radicals) and not individual, independent questions.

The running tally by the thumbs-up icon on each review screen, on the other hand, appears to be counting individual questions.

If I get, say, four meaning questions in a row (for four different kanji) and answer all but one correctly, the thumbs-up number reported is 75% (but if I quit at this point, the review summary would say 0% for 0 out of 0 answered since I hadn’t yet completed any “items”).

The meaning question and the reading question for a given kanji appears to count as a single item when computing the accuracy stat in the session review summary, but as TWO independent questions when calculating the running tally of the accuracy on each individual review page. [Potentially more than two questions if you miss either the reading or the reading one or more times.]

Sorry to prolong this thread, but I’m happy to have finally understood this: Session review summaries count “items” (radical names, or two reading+meaning questions for kanji and vocabulary). The thumbs-up running tally just counts independent questions and ignores whether they are for the same kanji or vocabulary item.

[UPDATE: I finally understand and appreciate everything being reported to me in the upper right of the individual review pages:

  • Thumbs-up: Percentage of correct answers so far. This is my bell-weather: if this drops much below 85% after doing a few dozen reviews, it becomes a grind.

  • Check-mark: The total number of “items” which you’ve answered both parts correctly: reading and pronunciation. It doesn’t matter if you miss one or the other multiple times, once you’ve eventually answered both parts of an item correctly, the check-mark count increases. Radicals only have one part: the name of the radical.

  • Inbox: This is the number of items remaining in your review queue.

I just finished a fairly difficult review of 118 items. On the final review page, the thumbs-up running total was 87%. It felt like an unusually tough session, but not the worst I’ve had.

The review summary only showed 78% accuracy though, because while I got 87% of the individual questions right, some of the correct answers were for questions I’d previously missed.

The review summary only counts an item as correct if you answer both halves correctly on the first try.

Whew. Back to your regularly scheduled programming!]

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You’ll know if you’re going too fast if things stop sticking and you’re sinking in leeches. Don’t borrow tomorrows problems today. Right now you’re getting familiar with basic kanji and (hopefully) learning vocab, which should help with grammar and comprehensive input and get that flywheel churning.

TL;DR - No. And don’t worry about it.

! youre alive!

Vanilla!! Been a while! Are you around? Thought you left the forums a while back?

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I never really left left, but yeah I did stop using it as heavily for awhile when I started getting more serious about reading. I do hang around here still and spread joy to all as usual. Hbu? I feel like I’ve never seen you around

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Life keeps happening to me. I think I’m back for good this time though? Here’s hoping :crossed_fingers:

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