Autoplay Kyoko AND Kenichi?

It would be nice to provide the option to autoplay both audio recordings in lessons/reviews one right after the other to reinforce the readings and expose different pronunciations!


I like hearing both voices too and change the voice after every level-up.

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Could be cool to selectively choose both for specific items; like my leeches!! That way when I come across leeches in reviews they stick out for me. Like, oh there’s my favourite leech again … maybe I could finally kill some of those things. :smiley:

I don’t know of a script that does exactly what you want, but there is a script to randomise the voice actor for each review item:

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I would like to second this. It’s a waste hearing just either one of them only when autoplaying during lessons/reviews.

I’m confused. It says they’re both Tokyo accent, so wouldn’t they have the same pronunciation unless it’s a word with different pitch options?

It takes one second to hear each word, putting them both end to end would still take a negligible amount of time to listen to. And listening to vocab really reinforces readings well, like when I think about the reading of 予め I don’t sound it out letter by letter like the mnemonic, in my head I hear it as one block with the correct pitch exactly as the VA says it, which is how natives recall words. Heck, why not play both audio files twice each, it would still be less than 5 seconds that would help tremendously. As kramabrab said, it’s really a waste to record multiple audio files yet only play one. And it would just be an option, if you only wanted to hear the one person say it once, that’s your choice

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