Autoplay Kyoko AND Kenichi?

It would be nice to provide the option to autoplay both audio recordings in lessons/reviews one right after the other to reinforce the readings and expose different pronunciations!


I like hearing both voices too and change the voice after every level-up.

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Could be cool to selectively choose both for specific items; like my leeches!! That way when I come across leeches in reviews they stick out for me. Like, oh there’s my favourite leech again … maybe I could finally kill some of those things. :smiley:

I don’t know of a script that does exactly what you want, but there is a script to randomise the voice actor for each review item:

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I would like to second this. It’s a waste hearing just either one of them only when autoplaying during lessons/reviews.

I’m confused. It says they’re both Tokyo accent, so wouldn’t they have the same pronunciation unless it’s a word with different pitch options?