Suggestion about audio autoplay

Now, I know WK team currently has more than enough on their plate, but it would be cool if there was an option to autoplay the alternative audio if the chosen voice is not available for the item.

I mean, suppose I chose Kenichi’s voicing, but there is an item that only has Kyoko’s voicing. In that case, I would hear no voicing for that audio. But if we had the option to play existing audio – then I would have Kenichi’s voicing for items that have it and Kyoko’s voicing for items that don’t. And vice versa if I choose Kyoko’s voicing.


i actually consider it a bug that it doesn’t fall back to an alternate voice when the prefered voice doesn’t exist.


Just randomise over all available audio for a certain reading.


of course. but the default voice is a vanilla WK setting, and one would assume that “default” means “use that if available, otherwise fall back on other options” not “exclusively use that”. so it’s a bug.


I would also say it’s a bug. This shouldn’t be a user feature, but an implementation detail to use a default fallback.

@Mods could you please pass this to the dev team?


And then what, wait 17 years for the implementation?

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Hey man, just trying to be hopeful here :joy:


I will pass this along, though I think the larger issue is items only having one voice actor/items where the audio file for one voice actor is not playing correctly. @trunklayer do you happen to remember what item was giving you trouble?

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Thank you!
Unfortunately, I can’t remember right now, if I will, I’ll write it here.

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Interestingly enough, the problem I had – might not be related to voicing. It’s just that sometimes during reviews the audio for some items doesn’t load. For example, during today’s session, when I got to 造園 reading, there was no audio for that item, but when, after the session, I went to the item’s page, both male and female voicings were there.

I wonder if this might actually not be a WK issue, but rather something on my end… :thinking:
This happens only rarely; most of the time and for most of the items, the audio plays normally during reviews…


Yep, that issue was talked about here, too. Apparently the devs don’t care about it enough to fix it anytime soon though.