Automatic refresh on reviews, progress lost

So I was going through a review batch (20 or so) and something weird happened.

During the time it took me to remember an answer, the page automatically refreshed. Progress status (ie Percentage of right answers) was reset, and items I reviewed before lost track of my previous answers (meaning items that should have been marked incorrect were marked correct and up a SRS level).

This happened to me twice. I’m using Safari on MacOS Sierra.

Not sure if this was a problem on my end but wanted to share anyway to get some feedback. Will report if this keeps happening.

Were you using the same browser before and after the refresh? Partially done reviews are supposed to stay in your browser’s local storage for two hours. The progress bar changing on refresh is perfectly normal. But if your partially done reviews are lost when using the same browser in less than two hours, then that could be a problem.

Yeap, same session. Didn’t change browser, didn’t close it. Literally the page refreshed and I just kept going with the remaining items.

I’ve had this happen on both my Windows and Linux computers using both Firefox and Chrome so it doesn’t seem to be OS-dependent. Not in the past week though.

Did it pop up the box saying that it has to be refreshed and if you click anywhere it forces you to refresh?

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That happens to me sometimes but it has never caused me to lose work in progress.

As far as I recall, the screen never showed up, it just straight refreshed.

Hasn’t happened again since Saturday, though

Odd… :thinking:

Did you happen to have another tab with reviews open? I’ve seen some funny funniness happen when two instances are trying to record your answers at the same time.

Now that’s a good question…

Although I can’t say for sure, it would not be unlikely for that to happen

Going back on my steps, I think that is most certainly what happened. Will be more careful in the future, thanks!

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