Reconnect / refresh behaviour

During reconnect / refresh every half-answered items lost. While if review is small in scope , it isn’t problem, when you review 200 items - half-answered items could be significant part. Suggestions

  1. Fix the problem
  2. Split review iin smaller chunks
  3. Randomize in a smaller scope e.g. second half-question should not be far than 10 questions from first one

But it isn’t, I believe?

During reviews near the answer bar, you have a button that looks like clock. Click it. It will only show incomplete items after that, in order for you to finish your review session halfway. Sorry that I can’t give you a screenshot, I have no reviews.

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Thanks , I will certainly try this out :slight_smile:

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Yeah, wrap up button works as intended :smile: and refresh works fine e.g. during refresh half-items are properly saved.

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WK uses two queues, a “working queue” with ten items and another with the rest. The half-answered items are in the working queue, you will never have more than ten half-answered questions. [Questions are picked randomly from that queue, so there might still be “old” items in there that you reviewed at the beginning of a long session.]

Additionally half-answered questions of the last session are stored (I think for like two hours), so if you continue right away you lose nothing.


I’ve found that even when it’s insisting I refresh, I can still complete the review session without issue. I mean, aside from the issue of having a great honking arrow overlaid on top of the answer field.

I always used to right-click on the overlay, click Inspect Element, then press Delete key.

triggered :stuck_out_tongue:


I do this too, but it breaks the F hotkey.




Cool ! So it is already works this way, well I guess this topic should be closed as irrelevant !

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