Auto updating kanji progress wallpaper (Android Tasker Port)

Hi everyone! Over the last two days, I have successfully ported the automatic updating wallpaper project for iOS found here, to Android using Tasker. Github repository containing instructions and files can be found here. Just grab the latest release. I have tried to keep the instructions specific to the parts unique to this setup, as there is plenty of information about Tasker online.

The profile is set up to trigger when the third party app “Flaming Durtles” is closed, but the profile can be customised to work for any app or trigger.

I cannot guarantee it will work for every device, but please feel free to reply here with issues and I will do my best to assist.

Be sure to check out maboesanman’s original project!


I’m surprised there are no replies to this yet. I bought tasker just to use this script very cool!

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