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Is WK audio way lower than anything else on your computer? In my case, I have to increase the volume a lot in my AV receiver to hear it to the same level that other sites or apps. It would benice to be able to modify it.


I feel the same way.

Agreed. I often put on some Japanese youtube videos for background noise while studying and I have to put youtube down to like 5-10% volume to be able to hear WK

Most media these days is compressed like crazy because LOUD IS GREAAATTT.
So broadcast content compared to WK’s audio will definitely sound louder, however I checked a random sample of their files and I can confirm the WK audio is fairly quiet and most likely hasn’t been through mastering (sure it’s not a Bon Jovi album, but post-processing is still important).

The audio could be improved if WK staff choose to reprocess all the files with normalization applied. They could also use compression/limiting, but normalization should provide enough benefit across the board.

This could be done quite easily as a batch process with something like sox
sox --norm infile outfile

* note, mp3/ogg support might require additional libs


Option B: use WaniKani with no other concurrent programs, turn up the volume, then turn the volume down when finished WaniKani’ing

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I wasn’t saying that WK should have to do this - just offering it as a solution should they want to.
Option B is what I do too :slight_smile:

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I keep my computer at full sound when doing WaniKani (and I can’t have anything else on as I need to concentrate)
They are a little low I guess. I’ve also found one or two that sounds like it was recorded in the bathroom =P


My option wasn’t a real solution, to be fair :sweat: it also is what OP seems to be doing currently, too.

Actual option B: turn down the default audio on your other commonly used programs (whatever you use for listening to music, watching video, etc), and just up your device’s master volume. The drawback to this is super-loud device notifications, but hey, those are important anyway, right?

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I had the same issue but the other way around: I would like to play music at a decently loud volume and then the WK audio is insanely loud so I wanted to lower the volume.

There are browser extensions to change the volume on a per browser tab basis. I’m using “Volume Controller” in Chrome for example. It does however not work sufficiently well. I didn’t test it thoroughly but my impression was that it would work better if I was playing one large media file (e.g. watch a YouTube video) and it was having trouble because WaniKani was playing a lot of very short audio files and it seemed to forget the audio settings again and again.

I think there are also extensions that can set the volume of a browser tab to more than 100% which might be good for your use case but I didn’t test those. Just mentioning it as a possible option, maybe someone finds an extension that works better than the ones that I tested.

This just happened to me as ilustrated by the GIF.

I’ve been using WK scarcely for the last months. Now that I’m back, I see there is also another problem: recordings have different sound levels, like i.e. the masculine voice is lower than the femenine one.

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Not exactly related to the topic but, is the audio for 深い OK? It says it is pronounced ふかい but I only hear かい

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