At what point did you stopped doing SRS?

I’m nearing level 60, and from the start of WK up until now I’ve been dropping several SRS apps because I just can’t fit it in my schedule (or I’m just really lazy). But at the same time, without any SRS to do everyday, it feels like I’m neglecting studying Japanese.

So, basically, for experts here, I just want to ask at what point did you stopped doing SRS? Do you still do it, by resetting WK or doing vocab SRS on other apps/platforms?

I’m reading Japanese manga on almost daily basis (as a hobby) and is starting to play a Japanese visual novel game, so I often forgot to do some SRS stuff. Probably I just want to justify dropping some app since they also cost a lot, so I’d really like to hear some of your opinions.


Once you finish WK you’ve got ~6000 vocabulary down, which is what - N2 ish level of proficiency? Assuming your grammar has followed suit, at that point I think it’s time to just jump into native content and learn from that way.

It’s how we do things in our native language… at some point you just jump in and pick up new words and such as ya go.


Ah, I’d hesitate to peg WaniKani’s vocabulary corpus against any particular JLPT level, because you’re missing whole hunks of the more common vocab simply because they’re not commonly written in kanji.


Sure… but that’s not the point here.

It’s more - at some point you know enough that you can take the training wheels off and go learn stuff on your own. Whatever benchmark you want to use. Maybe it’s an N2 proficiency level, maybe it’s 2k kanji from WK, whatever.

To me, if you’ve got that much kanji down and enough vocabulary to have a feel for how the language works - stop stressing the SRS and just go absorb the language.


Basically, when I stopped bumping into words “I know I should know” all the time. I really dropped everything around the time I could go through an entire novel without a single dictionary look up. It’s not like I know all those words out of context (so I would fail some in an SRS setting), but they are fine in context. At that point, the SRS is just taking time out of my reading without bringing much (or anything) of value.
I’m technically still doing WK, but since I’ve burned everything except for the few items they added recently, my next review session is in 20 days, with a whooping 9 items coming at once! Not sure how I will manage.

As for what I did in terms of SRS, after reaching level 60, I used kitsu and floflo a lot. I think I added ~ 4k cards (3500 vocab item and 500 kanji) between the two of them. That being said, I think that was a very conservative approach. You can probably drop the SRS earlier than that.


Jesus that’s like a tsunami of impending doom. Hope you survive.


I can rarely get through a whole page without a dictionary lookup.



It took me 6 or 7 years to reach the point where you are. It’s only a matter of time before you get where I am now, and you are making progress much faster than I was, so I wouldn’t worry about that :slight_smile:


Pretty much what’s been said here already, but I do want to reiterate the immersion point. I’ve started reading a lot more and when I find a word that I have to try a little bit to remember, it sticks with me much better than with SRS. I will probably always be using SRS in some form or another, but I look forward to when I’ve reached lvl 60 in WK so that the time I spend here I can spend reading (and lurking the forums).

So yeah, SRS is great. And native immersion is better. Use SRS until you encounter words as often as the SRS would have you doing so.


I currently have about 18k Anki cards and I’m still doing SRS. I mostly add words with kanji that I have never seen before, because I want to be able to read them, and I also use SRS for Kanji Kentei writing practice. When reviewing I mostly focus on getting the reading right, and not so much on the meaning, because I feel confident enough to get the meaning through context most of the time.
My 150 anki reviews take about 20-30 minutes every day (half of that is writing), which I find reasonable. I kind of don’t really plan on stopping reviews anytime soon… :sweat_smile:


Similar to @Myria, I feel like I’ll probably be doing SRS (Anki) for the foreseeable future. I passed N1 last year and have been reading novels comfortably for a while. I have 21,467 mature cards in my mining deck. I also have 1,560 unseen cards waiting in the queue, plus 8,000 or so that are suspended (many of which are probably duplicates or otherwise lacking in utility, but many of which will probably head into the queue someday).

I could stop doing anki, but 1. I enjoy it more than I don’t, and 2. I very much enjoy the benefits of it, which I wouldn’t get from immersion on its own (for me, personally, and this is not a claim I am making for anyone but myself, etc). I consume a great deal of Japanese content–dramas, variety shows, novels, manga, etc, and that all feeds into my anki deck, and my anki use feeds back into my consumption of Japanese content. I am happy with my system. I hope that you find something (or things, as you progress along) that works for you!


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