At end of free trial. Suggestions?

Pay monthly until Christmas. You’re not wasting money because it will be factored into the Christmas sale, giving you an even bigger discount. You don’t want to lose momentum.

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  1. Get really good at kana.
  2. Download self study quiz and set to audio quiz and learn to recognize all the words you have learned.
  3. Go back over the first levels and learn all of the common expressions. They are a nice bridge to simple grammatical constructions.
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This is probably a great time to start learning basic Japanese grammar. As mentioned, Genki is a best place to start and there are people on Youtube who explains the grammar in that textbook.

Also, delete Duolingo, it’s worthless for Japanese and should never be used as a serious way to learn Japanese, as explained on my Japanese study blog… It can actually be harmful to your studies as the audio used in Duolingo uses incorrect pitch accent/readings, teaches incorrect Japanese, and doesn’t explain grammar at all.日本語を勉強するために、duolingoを使うべきではない/

Also, you can get a subscription now and when the sale happens, you just pay the difference after being prorated for the remaining time.


try bunpro for one month, You could finish N5 easily in that time.

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I looked into the crystal hunters site and noticed I have to buy the books in order to read them (no online version available I think)
If I would buy these do I choose the Japanese or the Japanese (Natural) versions of this?

Thanks in advance :blue_heart:

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Go to the Free Stuff section then scroll all the way down past the guides. They have the 1st book for free for both Japanese and Natural Japanese. Click the Japanese or Natural Japanese one and then you will be able to read it and see if you like it. The other books you do have to buy through Amazon kindle as it’s only in digital form. Japanese is the easier version and Natural Japanese is the harder version (N5-N3 level).

As for the guides only the Japanese version has vocabulary list and grammar explanations while the Natural Japanese guide only has vocabulary list no grammar explanations. Make sure to read the guide before reading the manga so that way you’ll be able to read the whole thing with no difficulties.


Alright thanks for the reply :v::blue_heart:

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About WaniKani alone, it is possible to get a yearly subscription, then cancel (no need to wait a year), then decide later whether to pay for the next year, and in what kind of subscription. (soory :crabigator: (not soory))

It’s better to make a big commitment, and it is unlikely that you will make it in a year (although world record says possible). Even if you need like half-WaniKani, most likely it will take a year or so.

Otherwise, yeah grammar anyhow.

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I want to go for the one time payment because I want to be able to use WK for the rest of my life. It can take 20 years before the time comes that I will be able to go back to Japan since it is the plan to have children next year.
I think the one time payment will be better than doing it yearly this way.

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