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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 61: クローバー


Start Date: November 16th
Previous Chapter: Chapter 60.5
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You just gonna keep posting the vocab sheet from volume 5? :stuck_out_tongue:





I swear, the cover image of this volume is packed with spoilers front and back…

Edit: Ok, chapter done read. Out of curiosity, how would people translate 一番最後ピリっけつ into English? :slightly_smiling_face:

Flashback origin story that explains aspects of a character - we’ve seen it before in Aria, but it’s something that seems to occur in a lot of long-running manga/anime series.

Akira and Aika are quite similar when you think about it. Both hot headed with moments of self-doubt. I guess Alicia and Akari have similar characteristics too. Alice and Athena don’t seem to be quite as obviously similar though.


I figure Akira and Aika match because Aika’s parents specifically paired her with a senior who wouldn’t take any guff from her, and Alicia and Akari match because they both fit the mould of the sort of person who gets hired by Aria Company. For Athena and Alice, though, it was more a case of Orange Planet putting their two shining stars together - Athena the water fairy with Alice the rowing prodigy.

But yes, Aria definitely likes to use generational similarities as a recurring theme. Like senior, like junior.


It’s リ (the worst student of a class) :stuck_out_tongue: also there’s no kanji in my version.


Whoa, I can’t believe we’re actually on the last volume :o So weird…
Ah, we finally learn the origin of Akira’s nickname ^^ That was a nice chapter. Tiny little kitten Hime is adorable, as is tiny Aika :3

I knew what she meant because of the kanji, but I definitely also read the furigana as ピリ and was confused, dang these tiny furigana xD


あのドジっ子さも千人に一人ですが :laughing:


What a nice way to start the volume. :blush:


I finally finished my placement yesterday, and can allow myself time to read beyond Sunday evenings. Let me just say I am very happy to be back with you (and frantically scrambling to catch up!)

Pretty sure I read it this way too, and I did pause long enough to think “I wonder what that means” followed very quickly by “someone is bound to have looked it up and put it on the thread”.
So thank you all. :smile: