Aria the Masterpiece: Chapter 32 Discussion

That is very pretty! Thanks for sharing it. I’ve not watched any of the anime, and not sure if I ever will, but edited highlights are great. :grin:

Oh, now I go back I see I totally misinterpreted that page. I thought they were on the gondola going in… oops! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Wait, what? I though Alicia was like 25…

Isn’t she on the cover of volume 7?


Of course not - this is manga. :stuck_out_tongue:

She’s nineteen.

Very shhh.

And she is already known as one of the 3妖精 :thinking:
Well, I guess you’ve already explained it:

but isn’t Akari 19 at this moment? (if she was 16 when she joined Aria Company)

In Earth or Mars years? :stuck_out_tongue:

I assume they count age in Earth years, but time in Mars years.

No, I think she’s perpetually sixteen. But yeah, the series started in spring, and now we’re heading into her second winter, so yeah, she really ought to be nineteen by now. Or twenty.

Yeah, I assume the same.


Sometimes people age in manga/anime. Just really really slowly…


I watched the anime and I don’t remember there being another major character. Guess I’ll find out soon enough when I catch up.