Aria the Masterpiece: Chapter 3 Discussion


Sorry to return to this thread, but while reading chapter 4 I suddenly remembered a question I had from this chapter, if anyone can help!

Page 83

Top panel, left speech bubble


So… my main question is to do with the verb 重なる - whoever filled in the vocab sheet was evidently unsure which of the three definitions to go for, but in this context would it be the ‘to overlap’, ‘to occur simultaneously’ set?

But then I’m slightly confused about what we’re combining here. Apologies in advance for what’s going to be a terrible explanation. We’ve got the south wind, 南風. But then is the に particle applying just to the tide, or to the combination of south wind + tide?

(a) [南風] + [潮の干満に気圧の変化]
‘the south wind and changes in atmospheric pressure (due to the tides) occur simultaneously’
(b) [南風と潮の干満に] 気圧の変化
‘changes in atmospheric pressure due to both the south wind and the tides occur simultaneously’

Or is the appropriate nuance of 重なる here actually ‘to come one after another’, and the translation would be more along the lines of ‘changes in atmospheric pressure come one after another due to the south wind and the ebb and flow of the tide’?


I think it’s more that the south winds and the high tide occur simultaneously with changes in air pressure, but that’s more down to my understanding of the real acqua alta (i.e. pressure causes winds, not the other way around) than anything I could attribute to the particles.


hihi, i’m late again! one question this time.

on page 102, at the very bottom, aika-chan (i think) says ぬなつ (or ぬなっ? this font…). what does that mean? is it just アリア社長 making cat noises?


That’s basically Aika’s signature “expression of shock/surprise” noise. It’s ぬなっ.


Yeah, I was also trying to rationalise my way towards the answer by trying to think about the actual science this phenomenon :grin: thanks for the help!


I read this as “It (I.e. the aqua alta) occurs when atmospheric pressure changes occur at the same time as full tide and a south wind.” So no inference of atmospheric pressure being caused by either or both of the former things, just that the three things happening together causes the aqua alta.


gotcha, thanks! that’s a good expression of shock. i’ll have to remember that one :stuck_out_tongue: