Aria the Masterpiece: Chapter 12 Discussion




It’s ok, because I just realised I misremembered. There’s more. :slightly_smiling_face:


is not sure whether to trust this information or not :eyes:

secretly super excited, ahaha

where can I get an アリア社長 plushie? I’m not a plushie person, but I may need to make an exception


We won’t be getting there for a while, but if you’ve got all the books and want to be reassured, check out the Special Navigation following Navigation 37. It’s in volume 4. Then there’s the fact that he’s in almost literally every single chapter anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a few on Google, but they all kinda look like… fourth-rate knockoffs. アリア社長 ぬいぐるみ

But I know how you feel. I wanted a Teto plushie so much after I finished reading Nausicaä…


I don’t, but I’ll trust you anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I found one on ebay but it was not nearly fat enough D: Aika describes him in this chapter as a round white ball!


I didn’t use the old forum, but I used the wk app daily (that is… every day, all my waking hours). Back then (and just like now), there’s a few top headlines from the forum on the dashboard, so I found out about the new forum that way and I got curious. I wanted to check it out, but it was in closed beta. As soon as they let the rest of us lowlifes in just had to check it out. I’m guessing that day was March 9, 2017 and quite a few share a similar story to mine.


My forum join date is when I joined WaniKani, so I just assumed it was always that. Did you join before March 9, 2017?


I joined around November/December 2016… but never used the forum. Maybe if I would have, then maybe that date would have been grandfathered in.


Interesting. Now I can’t trust the dates! :anguished:


Page 70

Okay, this is a very important question to my understanding of the chapter.

The TV show is called にゃんにゃんぷう, and I would like to know what the ぷう bit ‘means’ (if it’s not more of a sound effect, like ‘pow’ or ‘pew’) :grin:

Also, who was responsible for the ‘squishy toebeans’ comment on the vocab sheet? :joy:

Page 74


I just want to check the last line - I gather that it means something like “without hesitation stand and face [whatever kind of formidable enemy may block your path]!” :joy: but I’m not sure what’s going on with the さず bit. I’ve come across ずに as a way of conjugating verbs to mean ‘without doing’, but it doesn’t look like quite the same construction here.

Page 78



In the first text panel, what extra nuance does the へ bring to 正義の味方への道?

To be honest, I loved it even more on a second read-through. I actually laughed out loud at the formidable enemy page. I’m with @MissMisc ; the art for that bit was magnificent.


I don’t know if that’s right, but that’s how I read it. :man_shrugging:


Same as @seanblue, I thought of it as 風, doesn’t hurt that it sounds cute too c:

The ず form is another negative form, it’s a way of saying “doing something without doing something else”, and in summary it’s formed the same way as ない but with ず replacing ない – it’s often seen with に as you mentioned, but can also be used without に

臆す --> 臆さない + --> 臆さず

I’d say it brings the nuance of stressing the path to being a superhero

So with へ, it’d be something like “Sometimes, the path to (being a) superhero is very harsh and tough”, and without it it’d be “Sometimes, the superhero’s path is very harsh and tough”


I didn’t even realize 時として was its own word. I was like, “in the role of time”? I was struggling with that, so thanks.


I’m really glad you caught up, MissMisc :purple_heart:

And I’m on board with it being from 風 - seems likely to me! Thanks both ^^

That was one of those situations where I started to type up a question, and then was like… I wonder if it’s just in jisho? :grin:


Me too, I’m glad I can be a part of the discussions now :green_heart::durtle_love:


I neither confirm nor deny…


Chapter 13 is here.


I didn’t immediately warm to Aria社長 in the last book, but I am sold now. This chapter was adorable from start to finish. The pre-tv highland fling on p. 69. His little dance on p. 70. Opposing the formidable enemy on p.74. The :banana:. The 一番強い夕陽。Etc etc.

Just a couple of questions
What is フリン on p70? Because Jisho is giving me something special :joy:
And, did anyone else find themselves reading the 「鉄則その…」 boxes in a slightly deeper and more dramatic inner voice?

And one late response re にゃんにゃんぷう
(Sorry I haven’t figured out how to quote from earlier posts while using the iPad)
I wondered if this could be related to プー太郎 which seems to relate to day hire labourers or other itinerant workers. ???


Possibly 振り with an ん on the end to make it more cute. Could also be nonsense lyrics (like “la la”) or a sound effect (if I were to describe, say, a harp strum in Japanese, フリン might be it), but considering the dance move he’s doing in that panel, I’d be willing to bet on option number one.

Well, it certainly ain’t Akari narrating these ones. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m… pretty sure it’s just a name. I’d be willing to say it’s about as much a commentary on itinerant workers as Darkwing Duck is a commentary on ducks…


One hundred percent yes.