Are there any children/beginner books in Japanese that can be used to practice (that are also online)?

This could include beginner Japanese manga to beginner Japanese short stories.

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  • Graded Readers level 0-1 is great starting point. Some stories are a little bit boring but at least it’s easy to understand.

  • Japanese Short Stories for Beginners by Lingo Mastery. Available in kindle. 20 short stories with english translation.

  • If you don’t mind using dictionary and looking up words often, you can jump straight into manga. Choose whatever manga in absolute beginner list from Master List of Book Clubs.


This is a useful resource. It has a bunch of books that you can access online.

Google Play has
絵本ひろば (絵本=えほん)Childrens picture books.

ワンマンゴ Manga
ジャンプ+ Manga

Other than that Just search (Japanese stories on Google play. There are loads of free ones)
蜘蛛の糸 (くも の いと) is pretty easy if you can get it with furigana even more so.

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