Help me pls

best apps or website to read japanese for beginners like me.

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I would recommend making the titles a bit more relevant in the future, that tends to help others so they know what they are dealing with.

Depending on how much of a beginner you are:

If you’re a total beginner, basically no grammar knowledge, then you should start by at least picking some up. There are a ton of resources, both free and paid for this. Stuff like Tae Kim’s Guide, or for videos Cure Dolly or Japanese Ammo, or text books, such as Genki, which you can combine with Tokini Andy’s videos, who goes over them and helps you understand the grammar points and stuff.

If you already know about N5 level grammar, and you just want to read something finally, then you can try joining the Absolute Beginner Book Club (though it will be a long time before we start up the next book, but feel free to start up any of them even after the end date).
You can also try out NHK News Easy for some probably useful reading.
Satori Reader offers curated reading materials in various topics.
There’s this thread on here, that I’ve found useful when I tried it


These graded readers are free, and I enjoyed them a lot when I first started reading! The level 0 are perfect if you haven’t read anything before, but there are different levels depending on your reading ability.


If you are a beginner without much grammar, I think you will appreciate

It’s a website made by @drdru where you can find a story per page and you can learn vocabulary and grammar incrementally using the emojis.


Narou is good too, many stories out there. Some aren’t beginner friendly but you can use to gauge difficulty