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I would like to share which apps I am using for learning Japanese and for what reason. I have seen posts about people asking for somebody to tell him or her which tools use to learn Japanese, I want this topic to be the opposite, just a topic where we share the tools we are using to learn Japanese. And help to other users to new tools that in other way this person would never find.

I start with mine (most of them are not free, sorry)

Vocabulary: Wanikani
Grammar: Bunpro, Migii JLPT
Writing Kanjis / calligraphy : Kanji Study, Kanji!, Kanji recogniser
Listening: Migii JLPT , Lingodeer+, SatoriReader
Reading: SatoriReader
Practicing: Duolingo

Wanikani: Obviously, if you are here, you are using it too.
Bunpro: It is like wanikani, but for grammar. Also has support with Wanikani
Kanji Study: I use this with Wanikani, as I am adding the same kanjis as wanikani and I learn the meaning with Wanikani, but in parallel I learn how to write (it helps a lot to memorice them), I created a deck to be equals to Wanikani progress.
Kanji!: Similar to Kanji Study, but also includes vocabulary, I prefer Kanji Study though
Kanji recogniser I used to practice, if the app finds the kanji I wrote, then I am happy
Migii JLPT : It has JLPT exam’s exercises.
Lingodeer+ It is not the same as Lingodeer, it contains a lot of exercises, listenings, vocabulary and grammar
SatoriReader: Contains a lot of stories for reading and listening, with translations and explanations of the translations. Also has support with Wanikani.
Duolingo: The infamous duolingo loved by ones, hated by others. for me, not a good app to learn Japanese, but a good app to practice Japanese

I also use online pages and Jisho for a helping hand

I hope you to share the ones you use, maybe between all discover new apps that no other way we would never know about that existence.


I use a lot of your ressources aswell, but let me add some, that I found/use actively.

Kanji: Kaniwani Wanikani, but just the other way around
Vocabulary: Kitsun.io Like Anki, but on the web and nicer looking
Koohi.cafe Planning to use this a bit more, if I plan to stray from the book clubs. Has vocab lists for a lot of manga, books and anime, generated by the owner of the page. It’s a bit limited on the content, but the usability is oh so much greater!
Grammar: Tae Kim I suppose no introduction needed
I am currently mainly using Genki I paired with ToKini Andys Genki I series and a bit of Cure Dolly
General: I am starting on the book clubs right now. I have gotten myself 三ツ星カラーズ on Bookwalker and am hoping to benefit from the ABBC threads and catch up on my own time and then start with ハピネス on March 5th with the ABBC.
Listening: I really like to listen into how things are pronounced on Forvo, when I am uncertain and it is a great addition to your self-crafted Anki or Kitsun Decks! Sometimes listening to vocab makes me remember that one later on.

Elseway I tend to google a lot and read up on topics that relate to my mnenomics or are new concepts for me in Japan. Helps me a lot to get some kind of context-based mnenomic if that makes any sense? I bet there’s a word for this.


I’m focusing on wanikani now, but I also subscribe to Andy and listen to lessons and vocab and stuff sometimes…just to have some understanding for when I make the switch to focus on grammar around lvl 10.

I really like his lessons.

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I’m a little confused. Wouldn’t it just be easier to share any new resources on the The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List! since it’s already quite established? Or am I misunderstanding your purpose?

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Oh, sorry I didn’t know about that topic. Then yes, this topic is useless then, the one existing is better, it has a lot of info and it seems that is pretty popular, when I wrote the topic I tried to find if there was one, but I couldn’t find it.


Vocab: Kitsun 10k vocab deck (sentencs voiced)
Grammar: JLPT Sensei grammar e-books (Quick explainations and 8-10 example sentences, is as effective as it gets, not a bunch of garbage, gets right to the point)
Kanji: Wanikani.
Listening: Immersion. Youtube, anime, right now plowing through a bunch of “prank channels”.
Reading: Satorireader when I have time.

Hope you kick your dirty Duolingo habit in due time. It’s a beginner trap. Also need to suppliment your vocab, might get time for that if you kick duo.

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