App Request - Input Vocab List and Output Radicals/Kanji w/ Mnemonic

I’m looking for a way to learn kanji above my WK level while I read. I’d like to search a vocab word and show a tree of the vocab -> kanji -> radicals with their corresponding mnemonics. I know I can just search in WK but I’d ideally I’d like to a list of all these parts as an anki deck so I could practice them in the correct order.

The use case is to start reading more advanced Japanese books, skimming through beforehand and developing a list of all the unknown vocab, going through this for ~ days and then picking the book up. Then the learning is reinforced and I don’t have to look every Xth kanji up.

You might want to ask in the API V2 thread if they plan to add the mnemonics to the new API once the have the terms of service written up.