API version 2 moving out of beta. Sunsetting API version 1

Thank you for replying! I had tried reloading the page with no results, but after finding out from you it was definitely a problem on my end, I restarted my computer and the scripts started working again. Yay!



Instructions unclear, virus installed


0/0 Streak Challenge (with AlliCrab)!

Should be a partner thread to the real one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you, I was worried about this too…do you think the projections will come back by then??

According to the author, this should be the case:

For further questions, I suggest to post them in that thread as well.


but how will KANIWANI work?

Presumably they will update


There is KameSame, which does the same but newer and supported.


Hi ^^
I had to look up some of the terms to understand this message, starting with “API” … Application programming interface for anyone who’s wondering ^^
(Not criticism, just to explain where I stand)

What does this change mean for an average WK user ?
Going from API 1 to API 2 means people who use scripts will have to update them, right ?
Is there anything else to know ?

Thanks, have a good day ^^

For you it means that some scripts and applications may break if they are not updated by the developers. You don’t have to, and can’t, do anything other than watch in dismay as the world falls apart

For developers it means they have to hurry up and update their stuffs.


Thanks !
As you can tell by my extended ignorance of everything API, and tokens, and HTTP status code, my world is script free so I should be fine xD
Good luck to everyone, hope the scripts are updated when the time comes ^^


I think that’s what we’re all doing right now. With or without APIv2.


But what if everything you are using only works with the 1st version of the API key? I’ve never gotten anything to work with the new API Key (2nd version), so the thought of getting rid of the 1st API key that actually works and has been super helpfully in my studies scares me. Please I beg of you don’t get rid of the 1st API key…

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Can you be more specific about which of your scripts don’t work with APIv2?

Benkyou and Satori Reader apps.

Have you asked the creators of the apps? At least Satori Reader is a pay-for service, so they should have an interest in supporting their readers with the new API.
In the IT world it is totally normal that an API gets retired, so I’d expect the creators to integrate the changes into their apps (especially at this long notice).


So I talked to Tofugu and they said Satori Reader is already aware of this and are working on it. They weren’t sure about Benkyou so I contacted the creator of Benkyou through twitter and they sent me this.

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Maker of Benkyou here, I’ve already updated Benkyou to v2, but I’ve been having some problems getting it through the app stores due to the use of API keys. But luckily I can get it out through beta channels:

Android: https://install.appcenter.ms/users/dslounge-l6r9/apps/benkyou-android/distribution_groups/beta%20testers
iOS: https://testflight.apple.com/join/zkes8v2x

If anyone would like to help me test the app and give me feedback on features, I set up a slack here:


I have been in communication with Satori Reader these past few days. They have v2 working now and will roll it out soon. Nothing to worry about. :slightly_smiling_face: