API key problem


I refreshed my API key, and all of my userscripts have stopped working (for example, Real Numbers doesn’t show the real numbers, and the reviews timeline pane is frozen at 0% loaded). None of them are asking for a new key, and I don’t see anywhere to input it.

I have this problem on both Chrome and Firefox, and across different computers, so I’m surprised nobody else seems to have experienced it - maybe I’m just being an idiot about something.

Does anyone know what’s going on?


Chances are your API Key in Local Storage hasn’t been updated.
On any proper WaniKani page, run the following command in the console
If what’s returned doesn’t match your API key, run this and see if it works:
localStorage.setItem(“apiKey”, “yourKeyHere”);

Thanks! I had to replace the quotes with straight ones, but that seems to have worked.

Yeah, it looks like the chat changed the kind of quotes I used.

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