Can't log in to community on laptop

I can log into WaniKani there and here just fine, and obviously can log into community on here…

I put in my API key, it says saved! like it always does, but every time I try to go to community, it takes me back to the API key page.
It did the same when clicking community directly from WaniKani. :confused:

The community doesn’t need an API key, as far as I know. Do you have some tamper monkey scripts installed? (such as one that maybe shows your review counts on the community page?)

Yep, that has to do with scripts. Have you set your browser to clear local data when you close the window?

For Chrome you can check this at chrome://settings/content/cookies

It’s the forum-review-count script that’s apparently giving you problems (by taking you to the ‘api key’ page). Open your Javascript console (press F12 and click on the Console tab), type this command and press enter:

localStorage.apikey = "insert_your_apikey_here"

(be sure to replace insert_your_apikey_here with your api key, of course).

Then try going back to the forums. If that doesn’t help, just disable the Lesson/Review Count script.


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