API data incorrect?

Is anyone else having trouble with their API data? My review count is wrong on the two external apps I use (Wanikani on Android and AlliCrab on iPad). Both say I have no current reviews where I have 5, and the upcoming counts are wrong too.

I have changed my API key and refreshed the apps. Even uninstalled and reinstalled them. It seems odd that both are wrong.

Same here. My lesson and review counters don’t get updated anymore.

For me it is saying that reviews are “Available Now”, but there are actually no reviews available.

I was just about to mail @viet about this as I’ve had a few people mail me that the app data was incorrect.

Same here. I have no reviews on AlliCrap on iPhone, but there are 20 to do. But if i start the reviews I can do them.

I installed Wanikani (in the same phone) but I can not log into it. (I used it before and it tells me that it recognizes me, but then I just get the revolving dog)

The website has been saying available now some time after finishing reviewing, but that has gone away after refreshing a couple of times. The android app that I assume uses the API, has been showing available now for a while too but fixed itself. Now when I checked, the app says “Next review in 1 hour” while the website says “Next review in about 2 hours” but I guess that could be rounding differences in the app compared to the website or something.

I’m seeing the same thing on the Allicrab app. I haven’t checked the API directly.

I noticed Dashboard Progress Plus is having some issues. The percentages when you hover an item are all wrong. Figured @rfindley was updating to utilize new API and made a typo. But also figured he (she?) was already on it. Guess its a bigger issue though.

Chrome addon such as Wanikani Notifier is not currently updated too.

I’ll take a look at my code just in case.
(I’m :man:t2:, btw, though without the mustache :grin:)

Was this all just occuring this morning?

Yeah I was “having problems” just before my last post, about 4-5 hours ago maybe. Could have been earlier too though, I’m not sure.

I noticed the one around the end of the work day I believe. I forget exactly when, but somewhere before 5pm EST

Is it reflecting correctly now?

I’m still having problems both on the website itself and in the Android app.

Guru’ed items are reporting 0%. Most locked some report 100%, some 0%. Ones that are neither guru’ed nor locked seem ok though, so perhaps the script needs a tweaking to match API changes.

Nope. For me, the next_review_date in the /study-queue endpoint is incorrect. It’s showing my next_review_date as 1498024800, which is about 593 minutes ago for some reason. It was working fine 24 hours ago.

Gotcha. Reviewing the code changes in the last 24 hours I think I know what is going on. I will review this with Darin and we’ll make the necessary fixes.

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Is this why we just had a couple of outage blips?

This issue was due to some aggressive caching implemented yesterday.

I issued a hotfix which eases up on this. This should address it.