Android app broken


My Android App has broken. It keeps thinking that I have 117 reviews to do and 0 lessons (even after I finish all reviews, or if I have some lessons to do). It keeps sending me notifications with that assumption. When I click on reviews/lessons it knows the correct number, but it requires I manually do that every time. The “Next Review” feature is similarly broken, though the Progress feature is correct.

I cleared all data in the app, but that didn’t help – as soon as it synced, it still thought I had 117 reviews to do. Does anyone know how to fix it? I can’t seem to find a way to report a bug.

Thank you!


Also, fyi if you’re not aware, any Android/iPhone apps are not made by WaniKani peeps themselves. They’re all third party. So, best to direct concerns to those developers if they have contact form, or information. Or at least mention what the name of the app is (I think there’s a few out there)


Thanks for the pointer. The name of the app is WaniKani, seems by Ihsan Isik.


Yeah app is not ours, but the problem is sourced from us. We are reviewing the problem and will have an update out. Please refer to the link above by @DaisukeJigen for additional updates

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