Anyone uses the app Shirabe Jisho from Blazej Stanek on iPad or tablet?

I’ve been using this app since when I started studying JP and it’s just awesome, but on iPad the icons in the bottom right corner of the display that allow you to draw a kanji (see pic below) are completely hidden either by the virtual keyboard itself or by the small keyboard button that appears when attaching a magic keyboard. You can drag that button away but the icons don’t appear again because apparently the whole problem is triggered by the presence of any keyboard function.
Anyway, that’s a problem for me since when I started using material that doesn’t have furigana support, most of the time my only way of recognizing a kanji is by drawing it.

Already wrote the the support mail asking for a fix but no one answered.

Anyone knows how to fix this or can suggest a fast alternative to look up kanji from drawing it?
This app is comfortable because it allows you to quickly check every vocab or compounds that contains it, so in this way it’s not properly a kanji search function but simply a kanji drawing integration in a normal (and well) done dictionary app, and this is the reason why I would prefer to keep using it rather than changing jisho.

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I don’t have an answer - actually, while I have been using Shirabe Jisho for a long time on my iPhone, I have not been using its full power, rather I have only been using it for lookups by inputting romaji, and never thought of using it for drawing kanji to look up.

But now I will have to try that as well. (I also just noticed the selection for 部 which I guess lets you enter radicals or parts of kanji for doing a lookup, although I haven’t tried it yet).

But can you briefly explain how you are using a virtual keyboard or a ‘magic keyboard’ with the iPad and the Shirabe Jisho app? (I should probably know that, but I rarely use my iPad).

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Yes, do it! I think it’s the best app of its kind, also because of those features, even though I’m not sure what the second button does since it allows you to draw kanji as well as the 4th.

What do you exactly mean by “how”?

When the ‘a’ icon is selected for romaji input, I see the virtual keyboard appearing when the input focus is in the text input box, and that does not hide those icons. But I don’t know how to use a separate keyboard.

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It looks like that button attempts to recognize your input as katakana (or maybe also as hiragana), rather than recognizing it as kanji.

And now from your screen shot I see a keyboard icon on the right - I will have to see what that does when I choose it - OK, that gets rid of the entry area from the screen.

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Indeed this is the case on my iPhone but iPad acts weird for some reason… tried to play with the settings without being able to solve it. Also tried the magic uninstall-reinstall but didn’t work…

Yeah, simply that :joy:

Now that I think about it, the only thing missing from this app is a live translation function through camera. The sort of function that google translate app has. But maybe I’m asking too much

Apparently I am not experiencing the same problem that you are seeing with the icons disappearing - so maybe that is due to some kind of conflict with the magic keyboard.

I really should be more adventurous with that app (and others) - I have a tendency to use the app for a specific purpose without digging in to see what else it can do.

Yes, the google translate live translation function is great, isn’t it…

It looks like they recently made a major update to google translate, and I haven’t explored it, but they now are showing a lot of related information below the input area, for example.

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That’s the point - it doesn’t work, external device connected or not :sweat:

Look it’s not always the case but Shirabe Jisho is totally worth it

Unfortunately it still works terribly with handwritten japanese

Edit, uninstalling and reinstalling worked this time but after a couple of searches it is gone again :smiling_face_with_tear:

Edit, just got news from uncle Blazej, he said he’ll solve the bug!

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