What the ferg is wrong with the Japanese keyboard on my iPad?


I can’t explain how frustrated I get when I do my reviews and changes are made to my answers. While this doesn’t happen every time, it happens frequently that when I input an answer, the Japanese keyboard will automatically and incorrectly changes to dakuten (ie. from たん to だん).

Rant over, reviews finished for tonight, tomorrow’s another day.


Can’t really help, but is there a particular reason you want to use the Japanese keyboard to do reviews?


Wanikani has a built in IME, you can just type romaji.

It’s weird behaviour though. Is there some autocorrect going on?


Flick keyboard or romaji keyboard? If the former, are you accidentally hitting the dakuten button instead of something else? Because I’ve never heard of an IME randomly adding dakuten.


Thanks for the comments. I choose to use Japanese when inputting, that is, a Japanese keyboard because I’m studying Japanese.

I don’t use the Japanese keyboard while doing reviews because native Japanese typists use an IME, in general, and who am I to think I know how better to type Japanese than them. I tested it regardless to see if any dakuten appeared and after typing たん several times over, I didn’t get a single がん, so I suspect you’re experiencing something local to how you type using it.


Even Japanese people type using romaji when using a full keyboard layout, so those of us using romaji input for reviews may still in fact be studying Japanese :slight_smile:

If it’s a flick keyboard, that’s a different thing.


i use a flick keyboard on my ohone cause i wanna wean away from romaji ig

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I also use a Japanese keyboard and I’ve never had an issue like this. I suspect either some autocomplete setting is messing things up or something’s not working properly with the IME you’re using.

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I think this is an interesting question, I’ve started using the Japanese keyboard on my iPad for reviews. I found using the IME I was remembering the Roumaji not the kana, and I wanted to force myself to think and remember the kana, so that I would e.g. recognise the vocabulary when the kanji wasn’t being used, and to help continue to reinforce the kana.

Also seeing the whole keyboard laid out is reinforcing some of the less used kana, just in terms of their place on the grid, which otherwise I might need to think about more. Also the r- series (らりるれろ) which I always mixed up before.

At some point in the future I might go back to using the IME, and I have to do that on my laptop, which I only use for wanikani occasionally.


I use a flick keyboard on the phone because the screen’s too small for a full qwerty keyboard.

Turns out the Japanese use flick keyboards on their phones for exactly the same reason. Not because they’re trying to avoid getting attached to romaji. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ro-maji, technically. Though if you really want to be technical, that should be an o-with-macron, though I have no ability to type that on my keyboard, and can’t be bothered hunting one down to copy and paste. Most people just write “romaji”, though.


that’s like exactly my situation lol

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Interesting comments from everyone, thank you. I should explain that I usually do reviews on my iPad and that is where the issue lies. I’ve never had a problem on my phone, both Apple and Android, or on my computer. Doesn’t happen all the time, but it does happen enough. I’ve been using the Japanese input for Wanikani since the beginning so I see no reason to change. Thanks again for your comments and advice.

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