Anyone Used Memerise?


I know, I was just seeing what other options I had to use as well as BunPro.

  • Give Bunpro a try for a while and then give us an update on how it’s going.
  • What’s your level of Grammar? If you’re interested in videos, please give Misa a try (in case you’re not aware of her yet).


Hmmm, idk probably only around N4.


You’ve probably already decided what to use but I’ve been using memrise on and off for a few years and it has it’s pros and cons.


  • (Memrise official jp course) introduces you to vocab, basic grammar, and sentence structure early on. You have a choice between kana only, romaji, or kanji included course, which definitely helps to give kanji some context early on.
  • Makes you type vocab and sentences out and has listening review.
  • When you review, there’s an option for a “fast review” where you have to beat the clock to recognize the correct answer. It’s multiple choice, but I feel like being rushed helps me improve my reading speed a little.
  • Aside from the official courses, has a ton of amazing user made ones.
  • can be used for other subjects besides Japanese and has tons of variety.


  • Has multiple choice
  • paid subscription is useless imo (aside from the difficult words review)
  • user made courses can sometimes have errors, as expected

Honestly, Memrise is just like everything else. It works for some people and not for others, and it can’t be used alone you definitely need more than one source of learning.


I use Memrise only for Genki vocabulary and it works really well. There are courses that have all of the Genki I and II vocab so if you use Genki I’d suggest you try it out.


multiple choice isn’t useless - if you learn the items properly first, it saves you a lot of time.
memrise also makes you type the answers, which is the reason i don’t do it. or i would, if the typed part wasn’t english, because the english keywords don’t always match what i remembered, and i can’t bring myself to doing such a system without having an override for when you weren’t wrong, you just picked the wrong synonym.


I totally agree - multiple choice isn’t useless, it definitely has it’s time and place. But memrise just relies on it too much in my opinion; maybe if it used multiple choice to learn words and sentences so you get used to them, but after a few reviews eliminated the multiple choice section, I might be more open to it. It can totally work as is for some people, though.
Also, which course do you have to type English answers for? I think some of the user made courses might have you do it, but if you’re ever interested, the official courses make you type everything in full Japanese. It also feels like less of a big deal if you get it wrong for a typo on memrise vs wanikani since there’s no huge level/category drops and stuff. Plus, for a small typo it doesn’t even count as a full “error” (the box goes yellow instead of red? I’m not sure how to describe it sorry).


That’s pretty harsh… Maybe it didn’t work for you but doesn’t mean it can’t for others.

I’ve used Memrise a lot for Japanese and other languages and it’s one one of my most used tools for language learning. Definitely worth a try. If it’s not for OP then at least they’ll just be more knowledgeable about what works for them.


Exactly, past tense. My answer was very much simplified, but Memrise doesn’t win against Anki nor Kitsun for Japanese. It’s that simple. It’s not that it doesn’t work for Japanese, but it won’t work as well as other tools. I apologize if my answer was very succinct, but what else should I have said? It’s good, try it out? That’s like recommending someone to go to store X knowing that store Y is cheaper and has better products. :man_shrugging: My 2c.


I feel like all these things together are necessary. WaniKani is great for the kanji, but really you need to read to make it stick. You can’t really read without grammar. But you can’t understand and practice the grammar without more vocabulary. Vocabulary is going to require some kanji at some point. Anyway, they’re all inter-related and even if you “focus” on one thing, you can only do it for a short time before you’re limited by another thing.

All that to say, doing N5 vocabulary on memrise helped me a lot. That’s when I could understand most of the example sentences on BunPro for N5 grammar points. But cramming words in memrise got counter-productive when it was too many words to use, and I started just forgetting too many.

I think right now I’m limited in BunPro again by lack of vocabulary, so I’m considering doing an N4 vocab deck on memrise.


Don’t get me wrong, but how does your experience go against what I mentioned? xD


It doesn’t. :slight_smile: Just adding my feelings about memrise re: the thread title.

Edit; Now that i think about it though @jprspereira (re-tag for late edit), I kind of do agree AND disagree with you at the same time. Anki is better, but sometimes memrise is all you need to get what you’re after. Anki is pretty dull and takes more effort. Just like physical exercise, what’s the best program? The one you’ll actually do.


I agree. That’s why I use Kitsun :stuck_out_tongue:


I started using Kitsun, I definitely advocate it. It’s very good for vocabulary.




I admit I haven’t tried it yet. Maybe I’ll give it a spin for my N4 vocab remediation project. :slight_smile:


Memrise started bugging up on the Memcards after an update recently for me. After some point it was just too annoying to deal with and I just quit.


Awesome! :heart: There’s a deck exclusively for N4, but I recommend the Genki deck one. It has the vocab from both Genki I and Genki II and some extra actually. Audio, example sentences, everything you need \o/


Yup, that’s the one I’m using currently, the audio clips are great. Because I always skip the audio on WaniKani, but it’s a required part of the review there.


It does and it doesn’t.
i am using this deck on Memrise PC
It is good, i have learned 1213 kanji’s using this. But like someone mention it is on English and it doesn’t have vocabulary nor On/Kun youmi meanings to type like you should. So you basically learn English meaning which is pointless casue you want to speak Japanese and write kanji on Japanese not English.
Second, is their mobile version is garbo imo. Although you have this one: but the whole system is forcing you to remembers and type all on/kun yomi meanings and if you type only one or two it will give you incorrect answer, and you have to type it in chronological order. That is why i switched to WK cause it forces you to learn on and kun yomi plus vocabulary for every kanji for that level.
Don’t get me wrong Memrise is still good app for learning N- levels grammar or vocabulary, but for kanji’s not so much effective compared to WK.