Anyone Used Memerise?

Hey, I’ve heard some people were using Memrise. How is it? How did it work for you? Is it worth giving a try?

Not worth giving a try. Wanna do vocab extra WK, go for Kitsun and do the 4500 katakana words’ deck or the Core 10k.

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Whoa, you exist outside of the poll thread?


I don’t see why Memrise would be written off as not even being worth trying. It has its own quirks to the presentation of stuff, beyond the content alone. People might like the way they handle everything.

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Doesn’t it also do grammar points? I did just get a year subscription of BunPro though. So how does Kitsun work? Is it for vocab then?

Only problem I had with Memrise was that it was too slow, I could do way more reps in the same time using Anki.


When I first started I used Memrise myself and wasn’t a fan. I’m not sure about everyone, but at least for me the fact that it uses multiple choice didn’t help me at all. I think I spent maybe a little over a month and after I stopped using it I barely retained any information.


Meme rise


May I ask you a question? At your level of Japanese, what type of content are you using SRS for and is there anything you would like to exist in a structured and decent deck? Just curious :slight_smile: I can think of a onomatopoeia deck + 4 character words, but that’s pretty much it.

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It uses multiple choice for the initial lesson stage. After that it’s just entering text (unless you can change it to be multiple choice all the time or something)

I used it for a while and learned some vocab, but I’ve personally found that I remember things learned on wanikani and floflo better. You could potentially put whole sentences into memrise though, which you can’t with the two I use. Kitsun also seems like it could be a decent alternative.

Honestly, it’d probably be easiest to give all the options a try if you’re unsure and have the time for it.

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I don’t use SRS for much these days, except for WK. When I go on Memrise, it’s usually for just stuff I find interesting, like the geography decks or legal words or something.

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I mean, I’m sure there are some decks out there for grammar. The problem is that the typical way of doing SRS is not as efficient as you would expect for grammar. This includes Bunpro. HOWEVER, I do believe Bunpro to be a very good tool for its price. What attracts me the most in it is the display of grammar and the immediate access to online sources that are free. The SRS there is a bonus, but definitely not the strongest point about Bunpro imo. :slight_smile:

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It was only 30 USD for a year, so it seemed worth a try, it seems worth incorporating into my everyday routine.

If you’re looking to reinforce grammar, then try Bunpro for a month. They give the first month as a trial (aka free). See how it goes. The team is definitely dedicated and one of their members knows a sh*t ton of grammar. I’m expecting good things to happen. Also, there’s nothing saying that you can’t use Bunpro with a normal textbook (which I advise for most people).

For vocab, I 100% believe Kitsun will be king. It’s not by chance that I push it so much. It already has some high quality decks for Japanese available. Kitsun is free until December/January, so you have enough time to see how you feel about it.

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I might try Kitsun then.

But yeah, I was trying to find a way to study grammar from my phone. I tend to not find myself doing paper and pencil studying as much as from my phone.

I think is worth it

I bought a pro membership (annualy) at half it’s price Dec last year, so it’s about 15 USD

But you don’t need to pay for it, as Leebo said there are a lot of interesting stuff not only for languages
(i learned Morse code, geography, biology, and I’m currently taking an IPA course)

It doesn’t use SRS so it’s more like an Anki idea, but for some courses with the pro membership you can “practice” talking with a bot and reinforce leeches and so on.

I wouldn’t recommend it to study grammar though, because of the way it is build it’s preferable to use it as some sort of flashcard program, there are scripts of course to add more insight to whatever topic you’re covering but it’s still faulty to be considered a grammar teaching site


Online blogs and videos might be your best bet :slight_smile: I have yet to use a textbook for more than 5 minutes and I’m surviving. Not that they aren’t useful (some are - looking at my shinkanzen books), it’s just not my thing.


I do use Genki when I can, and I have learned from it. The exercises are useful to reinforce knowledge, and it has improved my writing skills by a lot. But having stuff to do on my phone would probably help boost my learning speed.

You said you subscribed to Bunpro though. Bunpro has apps for iPhone and Android.

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