Anyone of you using Clozemaster?

I just signed up for a month with and it seems fun so far. Not sure if I will stick with it but it’s a nice change for now. And I obviously enjoy gamification, otherwise I wouldn’t be here.

There’s a leaderboard feature and you can follow each other and see who is earning the most points this week. We’re obviously all here to learn Japanese and the internet points don’t matter but I thought it would be fun to have people to follow, maybe it motivates me to do it more consistently.

If anyone is using it: my username is irrelephant there too. Maybe you feel like posting your username here so that we can all follow and race each other. :smiley:

How do you feel about the quality of it? I don’t intend on adding another thing to my already heavy JP routine, but I noticed it has the option to learn it in Portuguese, which I know someone that might be interested in that. So yeah, do you like it? I haven’t found many reviews of it for Japanese after a quick Google search.

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I just signed up today so I’m unsure.

The sentences are from Tatoeba and users can report errors when they find them and the audio is automatically generated so… the quality is not amazing and I think 8$ per month is a steep price for that.
I was using SuperNative - Level up your Japanese for a while but didn’t stick to it. That was free and using native audio from various video clips. Compared to that clozemaster is quite expensive. If supernative had a leaderboard, I probably would have stayed there longer. I’m just a sucker for public leaderboards it seems.

However, it has been fun and engaging so far and I’ve learned a couple new things already so I thought I would give it a try. It is fun and it’s fast and I already have plenty of stress in my life already so I like my Japanese studies to be not too serious or boring.

As far as I understood, you can do two free quiz rounds per day if you sign up just for the free account. I wish it would be a bit more than that.

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I used Clozemaster when i was learning German and i liked it. It’s actually really fun, a bit expensive though.

Alright, appreciate the reply :slight_smile:

Tried it a while ago and all I can remember about it is the poor quality of the content or that it was just weird stuff.

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Resurrecting this slightly but I just wanted to add that I’ve been using Clozemaster for about 1 month now on the paid Pro plan.

The special thing the Pro plan provides is full access to Cloze-Listening but with non generated audio. It’s done by a real speaker. So it’s clear and good quality. I’m finding this is really worth it. For some reason though, this audio does not get used in the normal Cloze tests, only Listening.

I use Clozemaster only for Listening practice, and this feature is frigging amazing IMO, because you have to listen carefully to the audio and write the missing 日本語 in the answer. Also, if you try and translate to english before you press enter, you can test yourself on your reading ability at the same time.

For me, this will remain a part of my daily study plan for a while now (I always do 20 Cloze listening tests every day), and I do believe it’s helping to improve my listening comprehension.

I honestly found the standard Cloze tests lacking because it was just the same stuff I’m doing elsewhere but in a different format. But the listening is not something I can easily do elsewhere.

Just my 2c but I’d say give it a go with the real audio and see what you think!


Thanks for clarifying that, I somehow missed that when I was using it.

I have so many other apps to keep up with at the moment but I liked clozemaster when I was using it and if I ever have more free study time again I might get back into it.

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