Does anyone else use Clozemaster?

I just started using Clozemaster, the free version. Despite its questionable web design, it’s been pretty fun so far.

I’m starting from scratch, so it’s been pretty easy so far and I’m at 100% correct, but it will be interesting to watch it slowly get harder and see how it is as a learning tool after another week or two.

Has anyone else tried this and, if so, what did you think?


I saw it mentioned in another thread today so I checked it out today. Seems pretty fun, the app is great too (despite the layout :slight_smile: )

I tried it with French, and I found the sentences pretty difficult right from the start (a lot of vocab I forgot…) but overall I felt it was solid practice.
The main question, as always, is where they get their sentences from, as there is the Tatoeba corpus out there which is a collection of Japanese sentences that were not necessarily written by Japanese people, and as such might be unnatural. So it’s a good idea to maybe check the source of their sentences, and to not believe everything that might be in there…


I do. I do one round of multiple-choice per language pair each day. For about 70 of them, with 60 having a streak of over a year.

Evidently I enjoy it.

It’s very low pressure which I really like, it’s something I can do in the background while watching or listening to other things. Ctrl-open the folder with 70 bookmarks corresponding to each language pair I do. It’s the one learning platform where I can let my mind wander and it only requires me to press numbers 1 through to 4, ten times. Hit Ctrl-W and repeat.

I only want to attain passive reading literacy in any languages, I don’t have any illusions of learning effectively beyond that and that works for me. It also makes laddering easy and other languages kind of reinforce each other, i.e. the vocabulary you see in some Slavic language will pop up in most other Slavic languages and a third of Tagalog is Spanish or English in disguise or you keep seeing Arabic words in Persian or Hindi or Turkish or Indonesian. It’s fun kind of discovering things in this way.

It’s also kind of neat how it doesn’t teach you anything per se rather it just narrows down what from the infinite world of possibilities of what might fit somewhere into a sentence. It only guides you into narrowing it down to pin-point accuracy. This feels, to me at least, like candy for the brain.

I kind of also really really like that it doesn’t make me think and if I get it wrong it takes a fraction of a second to get past any mistake.

That, plus LingQ. Wanikani and Bunpro have joined more recently.


Wow. I have so many questions!
Thanks for sharing, I’ve never heard anything like that.

As for the OP, I used Clozemaster a lot for Polish, there was a year or two where I made it a point to stay in the top ten of PL - EN users. But then again I don’t really feel like I’ve learned anything from that. I don’t think I will go back to it, I find reading and watching movies in the target language more enjoyable.

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