Anyone know how to tweak text colour of buttons?

I mean the “Levels”, “Radicals”, etc text colour.
Bonus points if you know how I could make the “Lessons”, “Reviews”, “Leeches” text look better.

Then, some CSS

I already have that, and the Dark Material skin, but I don’t know how to do it :confused:

Click the Stylus icon in the bar and hit either manage if you want to edit what you already have, or ‘write a style for this url’

Then, on whatever page you want to ‘modify’, right click the element you want to edit and click inspect. This will bring to to the element (or close. you may want to child/parent/etc). Get its id/class/whatever selector. Then… learn some basic CSS.

For the text color of lessons/reviews, something like:

.navigation-shortcut--reviews a, .navigation-shortcut--lessons a {
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Fiddled a little with Firefox Developer Tools and stylus and got this result:

In case anyone’s interested I added:

.sitemap__section-header {
    color: #e9e9e9;
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Oh hey, what script is that that shows Leeches identical to Lessons and Reviews?
I’m looking to do something similar (looks-wise) but not for leeches.

Might be nice to check my work against.

You could just inspect the HTML and CSS of the lessons and reviews buttons

I have, and I copied the code… but so far nothing shows up on the page.

I don’t know how to insert it where I want it.

Where did you learn javascript from, Kumirei? Since I know you’re self-taught…
Is there a free resource you recommend? Something like HTMLdog but for .JS rather than .CSS?

I just learned by looking at other scripts and googling whatever specific issue I had. I did already know Python, though, so I had some experience with programming


If you want to copy the review button, for example, you can do this

$('.navigation-shortcut--reviews').after('<li class="navigation-shortcut navigation-shortcut--reviews" data-count="88"><a href="/review"><span style="background: transparent; color: #1d99f3 !important">88</span> Reviews </a></li>')

Where the long string is just the HTML of the button copied as a string. If you want to insert it elsewhere you can change the target $(target) to a different element, or use append or prepend or before. The target is either an element or you could use a normal selector (think CSS selector)

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Thank you, I’ll try fiddling around with that a bit, with what I’ve got already.

Yeah, I know no programming languages (unless BASIC counts, and even then, not much of it). HTML (and like, the old, original HTML… maybe some HTML2?), and the teensiest of PHP and CSS - the latter I use so infrequently I’m looking it up any time I do to double-check.

I’ll have to give both you and rfindley credit when I’m done, now.


You can increase your programming knowledge by un-learning BASIC.


Dat subroutine return syntax tho…

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It’s this one, I think:

*raises an eyebrow*

*half-sarcastic, half-not* :wink:

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Thank you!

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