A way to change the look of the lessons/reviews screen?

This is a bit random maybe, but I find the full-width screen in lessons and reviews quite hard/uncomfortable to read. I have a 24in screen, so it stretches quite a bit. Sure, I can just make the browser not full screen, too, but I was just wondering if there’s something simple i can do to change this part in the pictures permanently (and that will be consistent)?

(I hope this is the right place to ask)

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If you know some CSS you could make a userstyle for it

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Yeah unfortunately I know nothing about that :pensive:

Just a bit confused, do you find everything you read on other websites to be uncomfortable too?

If so you might be better off with a smaller monitor

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Zoom out?

Wait, I meant zoom in.

I have the default zoom to 125% because otherwise there’s a lot of empty space.

No, it’s not usually a problem at all, but usually sites don’t use the full width of the browser. Personally I just find it less pleasant regardless of screen size, to be honest.

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