Anyone interested in a WaniKani Book Club except it's for Anime?

Well, the main thread is

And that’s where we make the votes of what to watch. So that’s very much like how book clubs also operate. We have sister threads for the actual shows we watch.

So, we could make this a contemporary or just any??? Anime Club and let people vote for whatever. Though I think, making it contemporary makes sense when there is one looking back in time already (it already includes the pre 80s).

It’s somehow better to narrow the scope of what you want to watch sometimes?! :sweat_smile:

In any case, since I (and several other regulars are around) you can easily just make us make a Wiki post that everyone can edit and we’ll see what suggestions we get! :slight_smile:

(but to make it clear, we can’t make Your post a wiki, just our own). If you wanna make your own existing posts a wiki, you’ll have to ask the Mods by kindly tagging them. :slight_smile:


I don’t wanna be rude, but do we need a copyright discussion in this thread that’s trying to start up an Anime club??

Just saying this to all of you, sorry for replying to you, but everyone really talking about this right now. ~ Maybe move the discussion elsewhere, please? ^^’

I think the 3 ongoing/finished anime threads have made the issue moot. It IS possible to have an anime discussion club on WK that’s legal and works for those that want to participate.

Logistics can happen in each sister thread as to how to acquire access to that particular show, if you have trouble. - as is the same for book clubs also

But the general issue - please just move that discussion somewhere else.

Instead, let’s talk about what show to watch! That’s what I wanna talk about now.


To be fair, it started completely relevant to the thread and went on a slight tangent. It seems like the conversation ended pretty quickly, so I’m not sure why you felt the need to comment on it now. I have no intention of discussing it any more here since I don’t want to derail the thread any further.

And this is why my original comment was relevant (even if the copyright tangent was unproductive). Since WaniKani doesn’t want people to give detailed instructions / links to illegal things like torrenting anime, it becomes relevant to the conversation of what anime to pick. The book clubs provide links for where to legally purchase the books in Japanese. On the other hand, the selection of anime that is legally available in many regions (especially if you factor in Japanese subs which some people may need/want), the selection becomes quite small. But it sounds like picking widely and legally available options isn’t important to this or the past anime clubs, so I guess I should stop wasting my time talking about it.


I was hoping for it to be watching an anime with others and learning Japanese from it too, the learning part being important.


I think you’re just being intimidating at this point and might need to consider that fact along with some other regulars engaging this discussion. :sweat: This is not what this thread is about anyway.

Since you’re here right now, you want me to make a post about what to watch! :high_touch: Could also be one of the first posts I made. ^^ For ease of navigation purposes for people entering the thread, I mean! ^^

As I said, I can’t make your OP thread a Wiki though. :slight_smile:

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OP was asking what people thought of the idea. I gave my thoughts on it by comparing it to the book clubs I’m familiar with. I don’t see anything wrong with that. :man_shrugging:

It was not my intent to intimidate or scare the OP and make them give up on the idea or anything like that.


And then…think one step further - what does it mean when I reply in this manner in this forum? What is my place in this social forum?

You carry weight, whether you acknowledge that or not. I’m sure you know it as well. So…

What I’m saying is that it’s derailing the discussion! So please, don’t! おねがいします! :bowing_woman:

I understand that what I say has weight on the forums. In any case, this back and forth is not productive and just further derails the thread. So let’s just stop discussing this and let the thread stay on topic.


this I totally agree with, if only all the other people involved in the discussion thought the same…I hope.

See this is why I say frick the law. It causes discussions to derail! Dang government


I don’t get what about his topic is making you regulars not wanna behave?? Is it too hard? Like, why only now?? Can we please put the topic back to the OP and what to watch??

I am still relatively new to WaniKani forums so please excuse me if I don’t understand some things here and there.

The anime I’m watching is Acchi Kocchi, a slice of life show from 2012, some people say it’s similar to Lucky Star. It’s only 12 episodes long and the dialogue is fairly easy, I would say. It’s rated 4/10 in difficulty over at Anime difficulty list – jpdb.

Oops, clicked “reply” before finishing. Sorry about that.

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  1. I’m not a regular.

  2. What part of “frick the law” makes you think I would behave.


Still made sense. But anyway for this sort of thing. Make it about what the democratic will make sit, makes the most sense. ^^

I don’t want to say anything and get banned but I really wish there were more legal options for watching anime.

I recently started this method and more and than new vocabulary or even grammar, it’s those small but important things you see in anime/manga that confuse me. I thought to myself that there must be others like me too and if we could all work together it’d be fun and we’d be learning at the same time.


What is a wiki post? I first thought it was related to wikipedia and got confused haha.

A contemporary club sounds good to me. How about something like an Absolute Beginner Club, but for anime? One anime I’ve heard about recently that is apparently good for beginners is Teasing Master Takagi-san. That’s one’s just an example though.

Yeah, that sounds good!


Yeah for sure. There are servers out there where people watch anime together on discord and help each other out. Also VNs readings.

If that real time discussion seems like something that would interest you, maybe that would be a good option. Also, there are pretty advanced people on some of those servers, and if one of them is in your session you’re basically guaranteed to get the right answer for whatever question you may have. And no I’m not talking about level 60 “advanced” and mean more along the lines of they probably are better than most natives at reading.


Actually, if this is the birth of an Anime equivalent to the current book clubs, let’s make it Beginner, Intermedient??? (what do you call it in English) and Advanced, maybe?

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I only started watching anime without English subs (I use Japanese subs) about 6 months ago and have only watched about 10 shows. But Teasing Master Takagi-san was one of the ones I watched, and it was definitely among the easier ones I’ve watched. Other easier ones were Bofuri (caveat: some sci-fi / RPG elements) and Maou-jou de Oyasumi (caveat: demons). I’d definitely say those two and Takagi-san were the easiest for me so far!